Construct a easy backyard bench. Straightforward woodworking mission.

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Here is a very easy park bench you can also make in a weekend. I constructed it simply utilizing 2x4s and 1×3 lumber.

Here’s a tough diagram of the bench dimensions.

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TechViewMax says:

Anyone tell me what the clamp with the holes that you can drill into the would with?

palak patel says:

It took me nearly 2 weeks to complete the building of a bed frame. I take that to be because I ain't no carpenter. All the same I'm very grateful to this woodwork plan [  Check Details In My Channel ], it has really helped me do such a good project. The easy instructions were amazing.

Gerrit Reijnders says:

I dont have a air compressor 😉

Maung Moe says:

Is that untreated lumber?

Mike Daugherty says:

I built this. Very good bench. Very good video. Good job.

Petar Paskov says:

one advice – when you attach the back with the long clamp, if you start from the bottom then the 2x4s for the back will still have some play so you can easily fit the boards, and still can clamp each one when screwing. If you know what I mean.

marty james says:

Great project, thanks. Do you use treated pine? (Im in Australia) for outdoor projects as normal pine will rot quickly when outdoors exposed to the elements? Or are you relying on the paint to protect the timber? Thanks

dublinwalkingtours says:

Anyone know what screws to use for this project

Mike Daugherty says:

Found the dimensions for this bench . This bench is easy to build and turned out very nice. Good design.

Mike Daugherty says:

Are plans and dimensions available for this project?

Militarykillz 98 says:

@Steve Ramsey- Wood working for meer mortals, what is that pocket screw thing you use. I'm interested in buying one.

Andrea Birchard says:

I watch your videos religiously! I love how they are short and to the point. I would love a tree house video! Please please please! Your help would be super appreciated here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada!!!

Deiro says:

Trying to do without all that amazing tools

Marshall CHS says:

Built one for $30! (Minus screws/stain/poly). I used dark walnut wood stain. Looks MUCH better than red barn paint.

Fijian Woodworker UK says:

In The UK wood is more expensive, for the above project it would have cost us around $75 (£53)
excluding glue , scews, paint. There's no way could we sell these on

Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks says:

I bought that square cut 3 years ago and love it, it even works for my jig saw when I'm too lazy to change saws because ripping with a circular saw still scares me lol.

hung la Fung says:

Ha ha, I have only simple tool and I am a old lady.

hung la Fung says:

Are you think all these machines is simple?

Kilo Hertz says:

Does anyone has the plans for this design?


Naeel w says:

you are creative

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