Cool thought ! Don’t throw away scraps of wooden !

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This machine saved me $ 50 )
Howdy! Watch a brand new video with an fascinating thought!
Buddies, my title is Vanya! I’m the writer of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I current all the pieces that I’ve performed with my very own fingers.
Restoration of fascinating outdated objects and far more you’ll be able to see on my channel !
We flip easy issues into distinctive ones! Subscribe, it is going to be fascinating! #Craft #Unbelievable #diy


HandCraft says:

Hello! Watch a new video with an interesting idea!

Rew Raw says:

Клей ПВА.

IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

All that work for that

Roadrage 1263 says:

Mom! Look what I made for you in shop!

Balazs Barabas says:

Oh cmon man… really?

Default User says:

Yeah.. That's a huge waste of time. I'll just stick to throwing my scrapes in the burn pit.

ThePoshPleb says:

This video, apart from the various thresholds within yearning blatant parameters thereby causing vomit bulges towards teenage turds and happily entwining bitch breasts of copulation standards, obviously.

Superderm says:

Or just use the walnut crackers in your draw!

Travis William says:

well..if you have nothing to do and don't work from plans nor care about functionality, this is good.

sierradelta07 says:

What I loved about this is how you could see the shape of the piece you wanted to make whilst it was still scrap wood. Fantastic.

susan olson says:

This maybe the first project video that was a mystery to me until the very end!!
Thanks that was fun 🙂

S3r3g4 says:

Good skills,stupid idea.Easier to buy nutcracker in store.Не думаю,что орехокол стоит 50 $

Thishan Wijesinghe says:

Gotta hand it to you. That was nuts!

Daniel Russo says:

Would have added a notch in that center wall to allow the handle to fall into place. Looks like if one was to apply more pressure to crack that hard nut they could crush their fingers a bit. Just food for thought. Wonderful and creative build.

Brett Bowers says:

Watches 5 minute video to see what is built…goes on Amazon and orders nut cracker.

K Colombo says:

great idea. on my day off, I'll buy $1200 worth of tools and make a nut cracker.

Love die says:

Krlo timewaste by

It's me again Margret says:

You know if I knew you were going to build a nut cracker I could of saved you some time by introducing you to my Ex wife If any one can crack nuts she could
She was great at busting peoples balls

Chris Sale says:

I might add some of these techniques to my list, and as for the comments on here. Yikes, just sad really.

TheSurvivor72 says:

Great idea. 👍

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