How To Construct a Fashionable Plywood Media Console // DIY

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As we speak on Fashionable Builds I am experimenting with three/four” electrical conduit to create a contemporary TV / document console. This mission was a enjoyable one and has given me a TON of different concepts. In the event you plan on constructing this mission your self, do not forget to comply with the hyperlink to my website the place I’ve FREE downloadable PDF plans obtainable.

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three/four” Radiata Pine Plywood
three/four” EMT Electrical Conduit
Conduit Bender:
Wooden Glue:
Kreg Jig Drill Bit:
Easy End w/ Wax:

Written article + FREE Plans might be stay Jan 2:
Instagram: | @modernbuilds
Web site:
Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


Jeffy Barb Army says:

Stunning as always 👏💓

Jasmine Cisneros says:

Looking really cold in Joshua Tree, it is a desert. 🌵

anthony aryi says:

i dont know how this guy thinks hes a woodworker or a maker, quality of work has gone way down these days.

Matt Horn says:

Worst comes to worst you could hit the slopes with that bad boy.

achii187 says:

Your bender tells you how much to subtract on the face of it. For example: If you want a 10” ninety, mark 10” then come back 5”, line that up with your second mark and bend the pipe. (That’s for a 1/2 bender)

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Awesome project! Nice looking console. Great tutorial video.

UrbnGoods says:

Hope you feel better mike! you sound a little sick. 🙁

The Darby Road Woodshop says:

Whats up with the rolled up pants?

Alex Easton says:

Hi Mike, I just wanted to say that I love how you include your mistakes and learning experiences in your videos. Not only does it make me feel better about my own but it shows the part of building something which lots of videos don’t show. Nobody ever makes something perfect first time and highlighting where you have learnt helps me a lot with my own projects. Thanks for the content, keep up the good work ☺️

Georgiy Ursaki says:

your voice changed

Micah Rumba says:

Audio is extra clean ! nice!

Martrio says:

Careful for you tie hoodie when you use cutting stuff.

Midwest EngiMaker says:

Looks great! Good choice on using the conduit!

Aaron Alquiza says:

get well soon bro

Meme Art says:

More diy mid century furniture please ☺️☺️😃

Jada Marie says:

Too bad the copper pipe didn’t work, looked really nice before it crinkled in on itself 😂

ΛΝDΗΣΣ says:

countersink drill bits only $1 a piece, corner clamp $5 a piece, it helps alot

mbdl says:

Wow this is likely my least favorite project I’ve seen on your channel. I liked nothing about this build.

tnuggitz says:

When using the conduit bender, the star mark on the bender can be used to get an accurate back-to-back distance when bending two 90s on a single piece of conduit. I would look into that so you could get more accurate bends

Cristian bonome says:

👍👏👏👏 Brasil , são Paulo ….você e o melhor

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