How To Construct DIY Floating Shelf with Invisible

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Article:… On this woodworking challenge, I will present you how you can construct a DIY floating shelf, which may be constructed with solely a round noticed, drill, and doweling jig. This easy challenge appears superior and may be sized to suit your house. Let’s get began!

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Rockler Woodworking & :
Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes :

Supplies Used On DIY Floating Shelf:

Rockler Blind Shelf Helps:
~four bdft of 6/four hardwood, similar to Bubinga, or 48″ lengthy 2×8
Wooden Glue :
(Non-compulsory) ~ Eight Dowels :
1 Quart Waterlox Unique Sealer/End :

Instruments Used On DIY Floating Shelf:

Rockler ½” Dowel Drilling Jig :
SawStop PCS 1.75-HP Skilled Cupboard Noticed :
Festool Kapex Miter Noticed :
Festool OF 1400 Router :
Powermatic PJ-882HH Eight-Inch Jointer :
Powermatic 15HH 15-Inch Planer :
Mirka Deros Sander :
Bosch Drill :







What if I have a concrete wall/brick wall…

check ya chin says:

Floating, why is attached to a wall? is this like the hover board with wheels?

Our life in a tube says:

Thank you for posting "if you dont have the tools" most videos dont ever that. Very informative. Thanks! 😊

Shihab Fouad says:

I'm not sure if you're mistaken for using those equipment or if people are just babies for completely disregarding your point about the pre-milled lumber
Goddamit man, the internet really sucks sometimes
Good job, alas. Looking great!

Mario Van Holle says:

Better to order at amazon , ikea etc etc …no hassle an good price

Mario Van Holle says:

Easy when u get all the tools for free huh

Venkateshwaran cr says:


Tia C. Smith says:

People make things harder than what it has to be….. what is the point of using dowels when you can use screws. This is a beginners project…..people like us need assurance that we can do this; making things harder by using equipment a beginner does not have gives me no hope at all… I will just do it my way!!!

Janine Lang says:

i guess i am a carpenter in my past life because i am always inspired to do one like the ones you always build, i just don't have the tools because they are very costly here in my place… you got one subbie here in the Philppines… keep doing videos like this… two thumbs up!

osiris says:

Why am i watching this i don't even have those tools. I just wanna know how to install a simple bookshelve

christine akinyi says:


Mark S says:

A DIYer can not make anything to look good like that without either the experience, or the fancy tools. You need one or the other. Preferably both. As a rule, DIYers are such only because they want to save money. If they have to buy the tools, then they might as well just buy the finished product. And if they don't buy the tools, they need the experience of a hobbiest. Something has to give.

David says:

I dont understand y all the haters in the comments here….

lanzeroz05 says:

Great job, but for all those friends that said about the money you invested on your tools, well I thinking is your job that's what you do every day, I dont have any tools at all, I made three of those almost bare handed, just appreciate his ideas of building it, use your imagination for Gods sake . Peace out have a bless day…..

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