How To Make This Patio Desk – Straightforward Woodworking Undertaking

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This engaging desk is constructed from cedar and if you would like to construct one for your self, plans can be found right here:

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This can be a repost of this mission video (with a number of minor adjustments) from 2 years in the past on my “I Construct It” channel.

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John Heisz - I Build It says:

This attractive table is made from cedar and if you'd like to build one for yourself, plans are available here:

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Wood Grain says:

Hey John, your website is out !!

Thái Bảo says:

Table saw dewalt 775 or 7480 bro ?

Phil Dodd says:

A great design ! For people with smaller gardens, would it be easy to adopt that style to be collapsible into three parts i.e. top, column and feet, for winter storage in the garage ?

Jarod Morris says:

I'll bet you and those 3 guys at the end had some very interesting conversations

Jonah Bishop says:

What's the name of the tune at the end? Great sounding music!

Daniel Mackey says:

Practical woodworking is fun.

Andy Smith says:

When did you get the new DeWalt gear? Must of missed that episode John…

Chili says:

nice work, but why do you use so many screws on the topside? sorry but i´ve to say, they looks ugly

Something From The Shed says:

love the build John. maybe il try making one of these nexe year.

willian arguello says:

existen cintas de medir para diestros? no se ve bien cruzando la derecha sobre siniestra para marcar. saludas

Alipasha Sadri says:

So that's how you manage your multitude of channels! Brilliant!

Willy The only Dilly says:

Awesome table John!

Eli Olsson says:

Plug screw holes


One John more when

Jennifer White says:

Please, Matthias Wandel can you make some spray johns multiple lol wonderful build you could build the other sit of leg and make a longer table too with this idea

BeeRich33 says:

Weather looks nice up there. Effin cold here.

Matt Rougeau says:

Why not half-lap the feet and base as two pieces each instead of three?

Anthony H says:

The only reason John hangs out with those other guys is because he's the best looking of the four.

Andrei Ambarish says:

Super! Thanks.

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