Make a Blanket Chest – New Skilled Free Plans for Jon Peters Woodworking Tasks

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Hey guys, I’ve at all times offered Free plans for all my woodworking tasks. Now I’m excited to announce that Brian Benhem might be re-designing my hand drawn plans on SketchUp to make my woodworking tasks simpler to observe and get extra folks out into the store.

I constructed this blanket chest in 2014, and since then the challenge has grow to be considered one of my hottest woodworking sequence. It is nice to see that so many individuals used my authentic how-to movies and hand drawn design plans to construct their very own model of the blanket or toy chest.

I am now providing everybody Free SketchUp plans from the proficient woodworker designer Brian Benham. Subscribe on my web site to get the Free 18 web page challenge plans emailed to you:

Blanket Chest Mission Playlist – four Movies:

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Rodrigo Reyna says:

I like the video and I like the cabinets that you make could you please send me a blueprint please.

Sanjay Sami says:

I’ve always loved watching your videos, for some reason of late I haven’t seen any of your videos come up. I figured maybe you had stopped making them.
Glad to see a new one !!

Jorge Gonzalez says:

Perfect video

Tony N says:

Subscribed twice in last few days, but no received the plan. Greetings from Europe, and thank you!

-- says:

Thank you. My son and I now have our new project.

livinlos1 says:

Will the plans be in metric as well as imperial?


Dawid Jaro says:

Thank you for all Jon Peters.

Mervyn John says:

Awesome news. I’m actually in the middle of this project and have been following your videos. The link isnt working for subscribing for the plans. Thank you very much for the work you do! Its truly inspirational to woodworkers

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice video Jon! Thanks for sharing.👍😎JP

davethm1 says:

Lost me at pocket holes

Don Crane says:

I made three of these chest. Something for the grandchildren.

Evergreen Cottage says:

Thanks for sharing Jon. I plan on building one for each of my 4 great nieces and nephews.

Turki Umairan says:

This is one of my favorite builds. I actually used your previous plans and created a chest like this for my daughter. Thanks for sharing and wish you the best.

Ernesto Benfatto says:

Hi Jon, how are you? I have downloaded your plane to be able to make the furniture, a question: in the list of materials, which are the letters 11 BF and LF ,? I apologize but I use the google translator. Thanks for your answer

hopcik k says:

После этого видео я подписался на канал)

Евгений Сутормин says:

Jon. Hello. what glue do you use?

Ramps_eu says:

Beautiful work! I have a similar one that needs rebuilding! Maybe I will make a video as well 🙂

Judy Auble says:

Hurray! I love all of your projects but as a beginner, I really need the cut lists and good detailed drawings. Can't wait to see the new plans!

Christofix says:

a few years ago i made someting like this, but what i did was to complicated. The way you show it is much easyer. thanks to you i now how i should do it the next time. I Think that is great on Youtube, we learn from each other!

Chem Cody says:

Very cool Jon!

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