Make a wood mallet. A must-have for any woodworker.

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Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. This is a really sturdy woodworking mallet that is surprisingly simple to make. Read more about this project here:

Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday.
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Woodworking for Mere Mortals
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Jens Oliver Murer says:

That beard!

Turiel says:

Lead birdshot would make a nice heavy hammer.

Onuma says:

Steve hadn't had a week off since Xmas.

I haven't had a week off since Steve made this video. Not a complaint…just an observation.

Laurentiu Dumitru says:

Fish sinkers= lead balls/bits, most likely!

Dadgum it says:

You should try turning a hammer handle on the lathe! I think that would be cool

Eugene Kashuba says:

I honestly thought that was a litter box you were using to fill the mallet with, and quite honestly, with your sense of humor, I would no have been surprised if it were. Haha, great video Steve!

Freddie Dudley says:

Hello Steve. I’m just picking up a little woodwork at 59. I’m heavy into deer hunting and gardening. Accidentally found you and I am very pleased with your stuff. Just built my grandson a coat rack. IMG_7519.HEIC I have a buddy that does a lot of remodeling and he’s going to save me some reclaimed wood. You are a inspiration to woodwork. Thanks

Ernesto Picazo says:

Was the maple for the tenons a piece of quilted maple?

OrlandoORC says:

Now I’m gonna have to cut down one of the maples in my backyard to complete this project…

Wolfman Jack says:

Can i use kitty litter? Not the used kind.

david tarpey says:


Subhendu Chakraborty says:

what is finished length of the mallet head?

Letter H says:

Man … You are the best

Wiehan Van Der Merwe says:

I have a really dumb question. Which side of the opening wedge that accepts the handle should be slightly bigger – the top or the bottom?

Mr. Magic Blox says:

You could make it more stable if you make box joint cuts perpendicular to the hammer head striking surface. This way there's more surface area for the wood to grab and resist the force applied to the hammer.

5hredder says:

or you could just cut one out of a solid piece of maple, and touch it up with a grinder. if you want it to be a deadblow, you can also use a forstner bit to cut a hole into the middle, and then fill it with either pellet gun bbs, or bird shot. there are many ways to do this project, because it is basically a wood brick on a strong stick.

Charlie Rivera says:

Thank you for always making it simple…

Luis Antonio Ramos Diaz says:

Porque no lo traducen en castellano el trabaho es muy bueno pero yo no habla ingles

Michael Jasper says:

Brilliant video! As a 'newbie' (can I be a newbie at 63?) to woodwork, your videos are incredibly motivating and once I'm set up I will try and make some of the tools I've seen you making, although I will be using hand tools.

Katie Bancroft says:

could you use this hammer for leather work?

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