Woodworking Challenge Concepts !

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With regards to getting new concepts in your subsequent woodworking mission look no additional than right here. Chad Stanton reveals off among the greatest woodworking tasks from around the globe to offer you new concepts. From cupboards to clocks and even somethings you by no means noticed earlier than, Chad Stanton shares with you the superb tasks different woodworkers are making of their retailers. It is an important present to encourage you and provide you with motivation to finish a present mission or to offer you a contemporary new thought to start out one thing new.

Tim Fuller- https://www.fb.com/retiredwithwood/

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jpmorphhilson Soldof says:

I used to find you intolerably annoying. I now like your channel a lot.

C.A. Chevalier says:

As usual, more grate projects! Nice job of on the gun cabinet Mary. An John's animated lights are killing me, I gotta figure out how to do that!

Dylan T says:

nice slideshow chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

WB Fine Woodworking says:

Hi Chad. Thanks for including my ice cream scoops in the show this week. As you said I had a lot of fun making them and am looking forward to giving them out. I turned 13 handles for a dozen scoops just in case I messed up one of the handles. The extra handle will be used for something else in the future. I’ve already received thank you from two friends who have opened their gifts. They were both pleased to get something that I had made. If any of your viewers who read this want to see a video of me turning an ice cream scoop handle I have one on my YouTube channel (LINK https://youtu.be/I9E3UZtQ900). I also plan, after the holidays, to post a video on batching them out.

There were some very exceptional pieces on this week’s show. You have some very talented followers.

Dave Simpson says:

All the projects are beautiful. None of the makers should be anxeous about what they made.

Peter Compton says:

Great Projects as always. Love Eugene's box. I wish I could get some beautiful wood like that. And I'm a sucker for Clocks and Tim's is right up there.

Mary Martinez says:

Hey thanks Chad. I was nervous & excited when I saw my name pop up. Thanks for the nice comments. 😀

KSFWG says:

Great show! Everyone had such great projects to show this week!

Scott louis says:

I`m proudof her just for doing it plus it looks great

David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

Another great show. Have an enjoyable and safe trip.

Parafinn Lamp says:

I love the thumb rings – brilliant idea.

Paul Bylin says:

For Mary Martinez…that is a great gun cabinet. You should be very proud for what you made!

Lester Grayson says:

These Women are way better at this then I am Nice gun case

Frank yazzetta says:

That tv shelf is cool… Got some great looking projects today 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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