4 DIY Projects that can instantly improve your space

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Here are 4 easy DIY projects to improve your space.

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—— Video 1- Key holder/ organizer ——
(7) Pieces of 3/4inx5/8inx16in (1.9cmx1.58cmx40.6cm) any lumber will work.
Matte Nickel Robe hook- http://amzn.to/2qfV6DU
Danish oil- http://amzn.to/2qfXLgH

—— Video 2- Table Top Planter ——
(2) Long sides – 16 5/8inx5inx3/4in (42.22cmx12.7cmx19.5cm)
(2) Short side – 6inx5inx3/4 (15.25cmx12.7×19.05cm)
Bottom – 15 5/16inx5x3/4 (38.89cmx12.7cmx1.9cm)
(4) Corners block 3/4inx3/4inx3in (1.9cmx1.9cmx7.62cm )
(2) Inner trim Long – 16.5inx7/8in (41.91cmx2.22cm)
(2) Inner trim short – 5inx7/8cm (12.7cmx2.22cm)
(3) Plants echeveria
Pond liner – http://amzn.to/2rfZq3V

—— Video 3 – Floating shelf (per shelf) ——
Extended video https://youtu.be/-PFr7DkvMGM
1- (Spruce Pine) 2in x 6in x 8ft (5.08cmx15.24×243.8cm)
1- pack of keyhole hanger http://amzn.to/2mbVVrZ
1- 1/2inX 48 Dowel @ your local hardware store
Paint – Oil-Rubbed Bronze Paint- http://amzn.to/2kBKJbO

—— Video 4 – Sunglass holder——
Plywood back 8inx16.5inx 1/2in (20.3cmx41.91cm)
3in (7.6cm) trim with miter corners.
Picture hanger hardware http://amzn.to/2rfyeCq
Miter box- http://amzn.to/2qH3tJH

Recording Gear:
Camera – http://amzn.to/2qTajaY
Mic – http://amzn.to/2qTtAZO

——————————–Limited Tools Videos ——————————–
If you’re new to woodworking with little to no tool check out my “Limited Tools Videos (For beginners)”


Miha Kramar says:

Your ideas are great… great dessignes…easy to make…. I love it.
But you should really pay more attention to details, the parts should fit better together.
Check this out… look at the precision it's made with… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F66IbyEoJw0

Thinh Nguyen says:

Awesome, These are fairly simple DIY projects. I need to work on getting the cuts correct and every should be nice and tight. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of the world.

Phil Matic says:

The key rack, it's really well designed, I just would recommend putting something behind the keys so the keys don't damage the wall over time

playing with fire says:

why is the ar15 song the same as this background song?

SHOP MAD says:

Excellent video you'll have to pop over to my channel I've just uploaded a video on how to make a tripod light.

cutflower says:

That's really nice! All of it. Thank you for sharing

Derrice Pugh says:

Keep em coming. Great ideas. Great creativity. I recently got ahold of a radial arm saw. Are you hip? Can you create a video or two of what to do with it beyond simple cuts? No biggie if you can't. I enjoy your content no matter what.

Antoinette McCray says:

What kind of wood do you use for your project? it looks easy to use and sand

von250 says:

You are soooo talented! I am so amazed at all your projects and how you explain all the ins and outs so perfectly. Thank you!

Strike Taing says:

The table top plants look great just without the add on

Carolina Hernandez says:

Me gustaria k isiera un organizador para relojes

Prakash Nani says:

That was so nice

Tarantababu says:

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Tom's Outdoor Experience says:

What's that container that you use for your wood glue called?

houssem hizi says:

i though he is american

Ringgo kionG Es kionnG eS says:


Ronald John Soquita says:

Your so good man

Elizabeth B says:

GREAT JOB….SUGGESTION, try a syringe for watering and just water the dirt not the plant. Use a soft brush to get any dirt in the cacti.

camisole de farce says:

Franklin, why did you killed Michael ?

laughinglark says:

Thank you for this! I'm a middle-aged woman with health issues and also a novice wood worker. I really appreciate how you keep things simple and approachable. These projects are do-able for somebody who might have limited energy to get the job done, and they look great! I'm totally gonna make the sunglasses holder for my hubby's reading glasses. I'm tired of finding them all over the house. Crunched a pair under my foot the other night. The cat knocks them off of the desk for fun. I've seen other glasses holder ideas that look kind of silly, but yours looks clean and classy. God bless!

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