Most In-Depth Wooden American Flag Construct | Make Cash Woodworking! | Find out how to

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Step-by-step how I construct my 19.5″ x 37″ wooden american flags, so you can also make your personal, or attempt to promote them! Any Questions, Simply Ask!
Comply with on Instagram – @johnbuildsit

Merchandise Used:
Dremel 4000 with 34 acc. and four attachments – or
Dremel Mud Blower – or
Dremel Flex Shaft – or
Dremel Plunge Router – or
11-piece Carving Equipment –
Dremel Versa Flame Butane Torch –
Star/Union Stencil –
Scorch Marker –
Titebond II Wooden Glue –
1 1/four” Brad Nails –
Hanging Cable 100ft. –
Rustoleum Satin Clear Coat –
Hand Noticed and Miter Field –
Ridgid Miter Noticed –
Ridgid Miter Noticed Stand –
Ridgid Desk Noticed –
Ridgid Brad Nailer –

-Minwax Water-Primarily based Clear Tint Base Stain, have to be tinted on the retailer, I take advantage of Navy Blue and Crimson
-Pine lumber, the stripes for this dimension flag are 1.5″


John Builds It says:

I didn’t want to go into price detail too much because it greatly varies by location. What I sell them for locally here in my small Indiana town wouldn’t compare to bigger cities. I suggest looking to see what others are charging nearby, and then not beating their price, but beating their quality! Thanks for watching!

Carla Clarke says:

Super cool lots of love from Burnley x God bless America God bless America God bless England

adam rosenberg says:

Good to see something made in America by crafters and artisans. 🇺🇸👍👣

John Davies says:

How much do you sell them for or did I miss it. Thanks

Shawn P says:

Dang,I watched whole video..
Nice work

frank palmer says:

This was really Great workmanship ! Very Cool !!!!

Nicholas Maudlin says:

Where did you get your stain tinted at

Balajied Tmung says:


Gold Daddy says:

I am so going to do this. What's more American than the flag? Making it yourself. My wife is about to get upset at for me wanting to go and buy the tools I need to make one of these.

shafi amati says:

Insecure Americans drive around w/big flags. It’s how you spot a redneck

SimoneBilesJr says:

Anyone else thought the thumbnail was bacon? lol

Matt Moore says:

Where do you get the stencil from?

popestermark420 says:

I know prices vary from place to place but what do you sell these for?

Manual All Rights Reserved says:

That's Not the American flag, it's simply the Star Spangled Banner ONLY

tha boo says:

USA is Shit!

Knight's Armory says:

WoW!!!! That is Beautiful!!!!

Mike Ledford says:

That’s a fast and easy way to violate the U.S. Flag Code………

sh0cktim3 says:

What kind of pen are you using to mark out the stars with the stencil? Sorry of that's a dumb question.

Mechanism Malfunction says:

This would be a really cool table top

iwantosavemoney says:

Super cool build I have to say

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