My VERY FIRST Woodworking Project!!!

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My VERY FIRST Woodworking Project!!!

I really enjoyed making this style of video! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Donette Meaghan says:

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Larry Jacobs says:

Way to go Wesley

Kyle Evans says:

Very cool. I love the idea of doing it all with a chisel for some great practice

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Good job! young man πŸ™‚ love it! hope to see many more beautiful projects from you. thank you

bidders77 says:

looks better for being rough around the edges

Wich Make says:

damn you Gained 3185 subs the last 30 days

Wes Hamstra says:

very nice! i think my first project was a birdhouse.

Chad Lowrance says:

if you would have cleaned it with warm water and a strong cleaner before you start the sand paper wont clog. if it does you dont have it clean. nice first project. i use blue wolf cleaner here,probably cant get it in cali.

karim vanelden says:

for a first it's very good

blueboyblue says:

You need a Cabinet Scraper, in a pinch you can take a metal Putty Knife. Clamp it in a vice and file it perfectly flat on the working Edge. That will curl burrs over the edge, then you can use those edge burs to scrape the cabinet or in this case the bench. It make short work of something like this.

Angle the putty knife away from you (blade away, handle toward you) and draw it toward you, the edge burr will scrape the surface clean. Though more of a change to gouge, it also works in some case and in some tight spaces, to push the putty knife away from you. Even with the burr the edge will still be sharp enough for a clean scrape, but more of a chance that the corners will gouge the surface. Works great, give it a try.

Gary Cottreau says:

Nice joinery. Amazing for a first project, boy you had guts to take on such job. Must be sturdy.

bison uberti says:

Wesley, the bench looks great… especially for not having tools to work on it with. Your next project should be to make a twin for it, except this time you have your tools. You can compare the time, work, finish product afterwards. Excellent work.

Jack Rabbit says:

I like it – I would be very pleased to have a nice bench like that.

John Walsh says:

it looks fine.

Jason B says:

Nice bench even a perfect bench will look a bit rough after a year or so outside keep up the nice work kiddo

Wich Make says:

awesome video

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