Raised Dog Food & Water Bowl Stand – Easy Woodworking Project

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Make a wooden raised dog food and water bowl stand.
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Get the plans for this project at my website:

Dog Food Bowls – http://amzn.to/2i8aC1f
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Eduardo Pion says:

Amazing good vibes on this video defenitly sub this channel!!!!

Mike Tobish says:

Great project Iā€™m doing one now. Thank you

Gem Bellver says:

Hi Steve, thank you for sharing your project and the plan template, they were spot on! I love the stand and your instructions were clear and easy for anyone to understand. Made one for dog and he loves it šŸ™‚ Great video.

Carole Just Carole says:

Drywall mud…we only use occasionally, and buy smallest container, but every time it has dried out. šŸø cute reaction from your doggy, it is very suspicious!

Lori B says:

Another one of my favorite videos Steve, these are a big hit for me thanks for sharing. I have found that petguys are a nice place to buy the dog dishes too.

Eddie Espinosa says:

But great job

Eddie Espinosa says:

You are the only one

Jaxson Hall says:

Need to make one for the cat

cpage07 says:

My cat's name is JESS!!!!!

Lena Rich says:

Very nice project — enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing the video and plans!!

Alfredo On YouTube says:

I really like your video! However, I am not as well-equipped in my workshop, as you are in yours. For those of us who don't have all of those powered table-top saws and circular (powered) drills, could you offer "non-powered" tool (how to) options for beginners like myself?

HD gaming says:

Nice video I like the instructions too

Yhn Clvn says:

You're jolly šŸŽ…

Debby McCormack says:

Love your project, it's really nice looking! On a different note, I read recently that you should only store pet food in food safe containers as non food safe ones leach chemicals into the food. Something to do consider for that beautiful dog!

nance g says:

So I heard you have to use non toxic spray paint to avoid harming your puppy. Can anyone recommended me a brand?

S Gudur says:

As Always, something that you inspire us ! But, looks like the smell of the spray coat that sent our friends back !

Megan Demaree says:

That's awesome!

JWAM Shop says:

Suspicious animals are the best šŸ™‚

Bill Diehl says:

Hi Steve. Great project! I've just subscribed to your channel based on a recommendation from James Hamilton ove at Stumpy Nubs. I'm really happy to have found your channel. Looking forward to seeing your new projects and viewing your older projects too.

A Young Man's Workshop says:

Awesome work, "really expensive circle drawing jig" made me laugh so hard! lol I cleaned out my shop about two weeks ago and found a few hardened paint.. at least I wasn't counting on it!

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