Scrap Wood Projects

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A family friend saw something on the Shanty 2 Chic web site and asked me to make it for her. It looked like a scrap wood project, so I said sure. I’ll be honest though and say that I don’t normally favor painting a wooden project, but it’s what she wanted, so that’s what she’s getting.

Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Shanty 2 Chic web link for this project:

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Mike Lowery says:

I have the same table saw. Good table saw actually. I need a miter slot insert for mine. Sucks not having one. I feel limited to what I can do on it without miter slots.

B T says:

sam adams is why you have a finger cover on that thumb bro. lol

E Caff says:

Good job. They wil be happy

Marco Giove says:

Nice job and hey ain't nothing wrong with a glass of wine brother 🙂

patrick mcglone says:

Speaking of Wood, great video Chris. Consider me a subscriber

onix 09 says:

after the glue and then cut again, bother is the work of a hangover,,wkwkwk land

Carl Zorro says:

came out nice

Carl Zorro says:

I rather have the wine 🙂

John Thompson says:

great idea.I have one of those antique CNC machines and did not know it

Pebbles The Cat says:

I love the "antique CNC machine". Funny as f**k

Leighton Reid says:

how and what do you use the three clampdowns for?

P. J. Galati says:

That is hilarious, you have one of those giant tubs for your scrap wood! I just posted a video of one I found on the street broken, which I then repaired and stuck all my scrap wood in!!! HEhehehehe

neilyeag says:

Chris is the software driving that CNC up to date?

Hal Kester says:

Hals Wood Shop. I loved it for many reasons. The end painted result…. nice ! gift or sale.. Loved the CNC machine..most of us are not going to own &^%$44 cnc but use our SKILL and make what you did with any variety of tools. " Its the Archer Not the Bow ". Lastly I recently bought a scrap load from a company that makes drawers and for $20 have a massive amount of wood looking for more projects. Thank you for a great simple one. Keep it up.

Akhmad Arif Annafi says:

oh my god, that is very awesome chris..

you make agreat innovation, and maybe i"ll try to make it by myself

Mark Christopher says:

Great looking project Chris. I would imagine they would sell well at a craft market!
When I saw the wine glass come out, I was thinking naw he won't do it, then the beer came out! You're my hero buddy😋

FarmCraft101 says:

I didn't know I owned a CNC machine until I found your channel! Subscribed! Lol. Come check my vids out when you have some time. Cheers!

Cindy McKellar says:

Nice wine holder Mr Cute however you better not be re-gifting the Santa Maria Valley wine from Alta Maria.

OG Timbercraft says:

Great project Chris, made me thirsty 🙂

Jim Beshears says:

Let's see how many wine snob trolls Chris gets for what he put in the rack.

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