Scrap Wood Projects

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Scrap Wood. What’s it good for? Well, you name it, pretty much anything from prototyping to just messing around and not caring too much if you get it wrong. Creatively, it’s always fun to see what you can come up with. So, let’s make something………


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READ THIS: All of the videos on this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only. Woodworking and the use of power tools can be extremely dangerous. You should only attempt to do what YOU feel comfortable and safe doing. What I do and how I do it works for me. However, I do NOT suggest or imply that you should do anything the way that I do. Always seek professional advice if you are unsure of the safe way to proceed and please, read your tools owner’s manuals completely and make sure you understand them completely before you use ANY power tool. Your shop safety is YOUR responsibility, so therefore I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries or accidents you may have if you attempt to do the things that I do.
Please stay safe, work smart and only attempt to do the things that YOU feel safe doing.
Thank You.

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Vyran Laise says:

I really like the handle it looks really strong and useful tool. I hate to throw out things that could be made into something later. Keep up turning wood you will think of some fun things to make sooner or later great job and thanks for sharing.

Bo sal says:

Good Nice 👍
your Design Beautiful thanks so much Goodbye 👋 🌹❤️

Toughnut says:

When making things out of wood I always take a vow of silence too. 😉

Vijay Ram says:

Really appreciable,, from waste to worth.. That's the rebirth.. Thanks

Saul Amaro says:

Dude that first part, gotta love the honesty. Keep up the great videos.


'There are no accidents, only new creations.'

Razalee Senin says:

Latest judge hammer will be nice…ha ha ha

Missnewgen says:

Awesomeness. Thank you. You are an inspiration. Much love subbed.

Vijay Gajjar says:

Please do same thing new. it's not useful for all people.

glenn anderson says:

Yea, unintentional design change! I say why not. It just don't get any better this.

Lou Dozer241 says:

Great idea, go sox!!!.

mer says:

In metal smithing when we’d melt a bezel or fry something else we would say …”sudden design change!!”

young- aus y says:

i love the way you do.. thank you for your tube

Gary Phillips says:

Great stuff! That's what it's all about.

jdizzilicious says:

Very cool to repurpose what others think is rubbish

crimson knight says:

Chris you are cool.
I have liked and subscribed.

Siddesh Nevagi says:

Its gud tooo si🤠r…

stuart west says:

I am suffering from workshop envy……….

steve borton says:

Chris, watching you cut at the tablesaw with gloves on terrified me. There is a thing in our brain that tells us where our hands are, it doesn't account for the extra 1/16th or so for the glove. When the blade catches the edge of the glove, you lose your hand. I would much rather pull out the occasional splinter. Otherwise a pretty good video.

seahorse1945 says:

nice handle- good for a small hammer or anything else. Thanks for posting the video.

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