The Fundamentals of Constructing | DIY for rookies

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We get it – DIY initiatives will be intimidating. However as soon as you have mastered some fundamentals of constructing, you’ll be able to apply these abilities to initiatives of every kind. Watch a complete wooden challenge from begin to end and see the way it all comes collectively. You’ll quickly notice this complete DIY factor is simpler than you assume.

Free Mission Plan:

Instruments Used:
Bostitch Air Compressor
Porter-Cable Round Noticed (corded)
Milwaukee Drill (cordless)
Milwaukee Jigsaw
Makita Miter Noticed
Bostitch Nail Gun
Bosch Router
DeWalt Sander
Stanley Sq.
Stanley Tape Measure


Mike Wajda says:

Great video and very informative, but so many pocket holes!

Greenland International says:

Great video and worthwhile life-saver for beginner DIY woodworkers. I wish I had seen it when I first started out.

Humdinger 4K says:

This man has a jig for every single thing. Nice project thou!

DAVID jeffers says:

good job but think u use to mush pocket hole y the door couldnt be made from raised panel door

Patricia mckinney says:

Thank you for you for your video. I've always wanted to try something but did not understand the equipment or technic.
I am a visual learner – now it all makes sense. And my family thinks I'm nuts. I hope I can do this to.
I hope you have more like this.
Thank You So Much.

Aegir Cald says:

When he drove the first screw in, the board moved approx 1-2mm above the line. It is the same issue I am having when pocket holes, making much of my stuff not perfectly square. I have the parts clamped very hard, but still happens to me. But thanks for the detailed video though

Brian Galyer says:

Just a thought – The cost of Kreg jigs makes this cheaper to buy a shop bought unit. I agree that they make life easier for a cabinet maker, but for a DIYer the price of all the jigs makes it prohibitive. Hopefully the price will come down in the future,

rally says:

Put the top rail on upside down with the holes facing wrong way. Haha

praizband says:

What to say? Lifetime knowledge transferred in an hour by a pleasantly confident instructor! Who felt like you were with him at his workshop and not watching a video?

Sufiness says:

Thank you for this very helpful video. Unfortunately, the music at the end was unnecessary and annoying. Next time don't ruin up really nice video like that. Thanks again.

Justin Thomas says:

So I'm just starting to get into woodworking, I'm not a beginner to power tools but to woodworking tools I am. So I've been buying a bunch of tools and then never able to really think of what to make or how to make it. I've seen a lot of videos but now I think from this I understand how most things are made and could really make something myself that looks nice. I usually over think it and then I end up not doing anything. Thanks for the informative video. I really appreciate it.

I have a pocket hole kreg jig already but will definitely get some of the other jigs in the video in the future. They look really nifty and I can see them being put to use for sure.

Joe Ramirez says:

Great video, gave me the confidence to tackle a little harder projects. I will be buying those tools today. THANK YOU

dan campbell says:

Great project. I am building a breakfront cabinet for my daughter and son-in-law, and just pulled a couple of good ideas from this one. Thanks guys. And Dave, you are missed on the Woodsmith Shop show.

Sojo Manchey says:

Hello, thank you for a great video.

I was wondering if you could list out all the jigs you used in this project.

List, Price and link. Would be a lot helpful. 😊

Thank you.

Mario Maguhn says:

Top Video! Where can I get the hinges for mounting on the narrow side of the wood? Thank you!

cheff Solo says:

Like your video straight to the point and no commercials . Thumbs up for you !

277kne says:

I know the rails goes in the middle but can I put it on the top and bottom?
I like the look that way.

Fahed Baghdadi says:

Do you have a video building dining table

jamesyers1975 says:

Is the top piece attached to the bottom piece or is it just sitting on top.

JeRenia Foster says:

Is there a cut list for this project posted anywhere?

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