Woodworking Shop Build Series | Ep 1: Tearing down walls

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Welcome back! This week are starting the renovation of our shop! We are knocking down a couple of walls….that was really fun actually….and also adding a new exterior door. We are changing up the floor plan a little bit to open up the space a bit more. We are still taking suggestions on what we should do to the space, so leave them down below! Thank you so much watching!

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Woodbrew says:

Hey y’all! Hope you enjoy this weeks video✌🏻

Also * yes we are using treated lumber where wood contacts the ground as mentioned in the video👍🏻

Jason Weiner says:

Great video. Amazing how much work swingin a sledge is. How sore were ya? lol

Tyler01074 says:

I can’t believe they had a sds hammer drill and still broke down the wall with a sledgehammer I’m good

Loszmi says:

Buitt some table from this doors.

Robert Laws says:

Loose the music, video is great music is a total turn off.

Bertimder says:

How come I had not discovered you two until now????!!!!!!! I hate when YouTube do this!!!!

Dennis Downes says:

Hey Guys, Great job. Having worked construction and renovated a 100-year-old house, I can actually "taste the dust" just watching your video. Not fun, but it gets better. In general, what state are you guys from? I know the metal roofing does not offer a lot of barriers, but will all your heat go right out the roof? Keep going!

Capt Murf says:

Worst product placement ever. Wd-40 does not fix misaligned tracks. Hahaha

Jason Rausch says:

<Insert>Annoying know-it-all safety nazi warning<insert> Nice start! Building a shop is a great project that will serve you for years to come come.

Keith H says:

Went and got dust masks? Ya right…..

BetsWooD says:

I dont know what do u say.. becouse i'm can't speak english haha…….. but
Yeeahh… i'm wait new your workshop.. . Spiriiittttt… ^_^

Mark Hazlewood says:

Well, you got the hard parts done. Nice beginning. Could not tell what size screws you used on door hinges and latch – make sure they are 4" long to prevent anyone kicking it in.

Beamy Z says:

just wondering what kind of screws you were using to drill through the wood into the concrete?

Raymond Malone says:

nice job, coming along nicely. "sound as a pound"

wood 4 nothing says:

Good job!! The shop is really starting to take shape. Keep up the good work.
Tim from wood 4 nothing

Clyde Decker says:

Nice. That use of the treated wood on the concrete is a plus but you should do something about the plywood at the concrete too. Silicon and maybe a treated drip shield or flashing?

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice work on the door and the remodel Thanks for sharing it with us.😎👍JP

Flyby Wire says:

Use powertools whereever you can. If the powertool shows signs of age you buy a new one. If your elbow shows sign of age you buy..oh wait. Really, protect your body. There are no replacement parts in Homedepot. Right now you both are quite young, and you recover fast from any straining work. It wont stay that way, so let powertools whereever possible do the "bone breaking" jobs. It pays off later, much later.

John Frahm says:

What brand of headphones are you using?

GettingDustyWoodWorks says:

I’m curious to see where the shops located! In a middle of a field? Downtown street? Neighbor hood? Middle of now where?

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