Woodworking shop tour 2018

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In this video I show you my workspace and the tools I use. If some of you want to create your own DIY garage wood shop you will find this video helpful.

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I love your shop my brother very awesome and nice to thank you for your shop tour later :):)

FromTheHeartWoodMK says:

Nice shop my friend! Well organized! Thanks for sharing.

GDB Motovlogs says:

You have a beautiful shop my friend!

AdventuresInDIY says:

Fun tour! Thank you 🙂

Blog das Madeiras says:

Hi there from Portugal,
Nice shop 😀

Michael says:

You should make something cool with the scroll saw

Rudolf Zaris says:

that was perfect 🙂 SWC rules !

Yashika Tijoriwala says:

I appreciate ur work so much. And now m a bigger fan!! Awesome shop. Much respects 🙂

Arthur Donald says:

Very nice shop.

Le Seigneur des Copeaux says:

Great are you french ?

AlfFisher says:

Hello Dimitris! Tell me about your biscuit machine.
What is this brand? How much power? How long have you been working it?


Eddy Yu says:

Why not make a mini drill, mini grinder, mini electric screwdriver, etc. for all the electronic hobbyists like me (me a stupid guy)?

Houtje Boom - Be Creative says:

Great looking woodshop!!

Roy SP says:

Beautiful, the dedication and love you show to all your instruments, simply a piece of art.

Eddy Yu says:

Sir, they're all yours ?

Yaniv Adam says:

I love follow after your works. Very impressive. All your works for hobby or you sell them also?

yanni polykan says:

Ευχαριστώ Δημήτρη για την φιλοξενία στο εργαστήριο σου! Το απόλαυσα κι έκλεψα ιδέες. Λοιπόν θα ορκιζόμουν ότι ζεις και δραστηριοποιεισαι στη Θεσσαλονίκη. Να που γελάστηκα..! Χαιρετισμούς απο Κυκλάδες!

Not Just Sawdust says:

One Question: How does your cordless drill from Skill perform, are you happy with it? It's one of the tools available here in Portugal and I was thinking of buying one (18V, 2Ah).

Peter Compton says:

A nice tidy shop Dimitri.

Harki Dodia says:

Goes to show you don't need a massive shop to produce great content. Keep it up…

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