Woodworking Shop Tour 2018 | Woman’s perspective

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Well it’s time.. it’s time for a woman’s perspective on the shop! This is our shop tour 2018! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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-Zach Manring

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Oliver Delica says:

Screwdriver? Hmm that one pissed me off a little but I understand that your wife does not know anything about tools

One Time Ronnie says:

You have a pretty Impressive shop and a really sweet CNC. I am caught between that Axiom and a Laguna IQ

Sean Fuller says:

Nice video, cool shop! Your Wife and you remind me of Myself (fellow Ginger) and my Latina Wife and my shop… LOL! would love to trade stickers!

Brent Sutton says:

interesting work shop tour , I have the Axiom Pro8, really enjoying the machine, your videos are great to watch ,plus your videos have answered some of my questions. keep videoing

TheTradesmanChannel says:

Good morning. I am working on trying to get as many small channels that are into woodworking, timber framing, sawmilling, blacksmithing and how-to as I can to try to do a massive collaboration to help each other grow. I put a video up this morning on it but I won't throw a link here on your video. Basically what I am looking for is for all of us to make a short video of what we are into and put a playlist together and put that playlist on as many channels as possible. Once a week I am going to pull a channel from that list and share their channel on mine, I would also like to see the channels that participate to do the same for another channel. On my channel I cover timber framing, woodworking, blacksmithing and everything in between. Let me know if you're interested.

jonathan lloyd says:

If I had her, I wouldn't need a workshop . . .

Miller Leon says:

she is from colombia

Joe Framer says:


Carl Jacobson says:

Enjoyed the tour you guys are cute together! You forgot to show the lathe..lol

BookofIsaiah (Matt B) says:

"If you ever need any gift ideas….."  LOL Classic!!  Great shop tour, Zach!! Have a great weekend!!

Catharine Hoehn says:

I bet she keeps you on your toes! Jealous of all that shop room! Thanks for the tour!

glockster says:

Great tour. Love you guys keeping it real.

Ding Dong says:

“What’s her favorite tool?”
It’s a given!! We don’t need to know that!!!

Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY says:

Thanks for the tour zack! A lot of good tools.one these days I'll get a kapex and a cnc and a miter saw station..lol happy 2018 bro!

ChrisGagnon DIY says:

That was a lot of fun to watch. our wife's support our passion for making and our YouTube channels so its nice that we show who they are to the community. the shop looks great

Marcel's Workshop says:

Que hermosa mujer!
Great tour, thanks for sharing.

Jim Dockrell says:

Good tour. Having your wife on is a good idea. Added some humour to the video.

Thom spillane says:

Oh man great shop update but your wife was cracking me up lol.

ManCraftingTM says:

I need to get over there for one of the get together a and check all this out in person. I’d love to see how someone can keep their shop that organized. Also, how many sheets of scrap mdf does it take to build a miter saw station?

Saw Dust Maker says:

Really entertaining!

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