2019 Store Tour //Small Store//Woodworking Store// Dimensions Wooden Works

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Somewhat glimpse into my store for a tour at the start of 2019. My tiny yard woodworking store is my place of solice and the place i run Dimensions Wooden Works. From right here i make cool issues from wooden in addition to produce content material round these builds. My buddy Jake at Northside customized crafts has prompted me to do that for some time, go try his final store tour right here…

You may sustain with my different builds on my instagram right here…


Jake Thompson says:

Awesome shop tour J.D!! 👍👍

86jmcade says:

Enjoyed the tour. Love that you show that quality work can be done in a small shop.

Joshua Bedford says:

Man… that accent wall is cool! What's the total dimensions of the shop (sorry if i missed you saying it)?

Edit: your step-to-raise workbench is a cool idea!

FranklinWoodWorks says:

Very nice! What are the dimensions of the shop?

Brian Potter says:

Sweet video! Glad to see it

glenn lickers says:

You got a lot going on in that little shop! Lol nicely done tho dude 👊🏽 that hand tool wall is bad ass

TC TimberArt says:

Great job man, I enjoyed the tour!

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