2019 Woodworking Store Tour

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As we speak, I went out the wooden store and filmed a Store tour. This would be the first video on my channel, I figured this could be a good way for us to satisfy. In my store i do CNC woodworking in addition to conventional woodworking. My merchandise are taken to craftshows and offered on-line.


Sumo's Projects says:

G’day mate, I know you from Instagram & welcome to YouTube, great first video buddy & I’m looking forward to seeing many more 👍👍👍👍

Makin' Sawdust says:

Awesome tour

rod potts says:

Good job man I'm in the same situation as you sold my construction business due to injury went to a dump truck for several years and that didn't help much.lol Been putting my shop together to start shooting some YouTube video , about a month or so out, looking forward to more of your videos .

AnglerX says:

Hi Al, I bought your salt spreader a couple years ago and talking with Collin I told him I was setting up my shop too and told me about this lol. Looking forward to some videos!

John Harris says:

Nice tour Al. Really liked the CNC! Look forward to future videos.

Rocco Balestra says:

Nice looking shop 👌

Jonathon Hart says:

Nice shop. Look forward to seeing some project videos.

Jake Thompson says:

Good Stuff Brother!!! I'm happy you took the leap!

Craig Monteforte says:

Nice shop Al, and a excellent shop tour video having your Grandfathers bench. Is really cool my Grandparents lived in upstate New York in a very small town they relied a lot on Montgomery Wards for many items including tools i still do not know why my Grandfather had more Montgomery Wards then Sears ? My guess was it was located in a town they could drive to in a hour or so and perhaps the Sears wasn't as convenient

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