2019 Woodworking Store Tour

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G’day and welcome to the 2019 Woodworking Store Tour on Sumo’s Initiatives.
On this 2019 Woodworking Store Tour I can present you a few of the adjustments which have taken place over the past twelve months and it appears an ongoing problem to get the Workshop arrange in one of the simplest ways as soon as can.
So Welcome to Sum’s Initiatives for the yr and please take pleasure in this 2019 Woodworking Store Tour Video, cheers Sumo.


Sumo's Projects says:

G’day folks, this is my first video for 2019 & I thought I’d start with a Shop Tour Video, hope you enjoy it & best wishes to everyone this year, Sumo 👍👍👍

How To Fix It Workshop says:

Great shop! Thanks for sharing!

MG Makes says:

It's always good to see where the magic happens. Thanks buddy. 👊👊👊

Make Things says:

Man that’s clean!! You’ve got a rockin’ professional shop that could rival Norm Abrams. And that drill press 🤤

Rag Tie says:

I'm very happy for you my friend. You have come a long way in building your place into a very nice shop! Congratulations on your achievements and your ability to stay "Real"

Riaan Oliver says:

Cracking setup mate. Wishing you a great 2019.

Bill Carroll says:

Some nice additions there, mate👍
A few good changes for better workflow I see. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year 🤘😎🤘

Marcel's Workshop says:

Nice set up Mate.

Adrian Hanson says:

I’m with you on the two bandsaw thing mate, saves so much messing about changing back and forth from ripping blade to detail blade 👍👍
Just on the dropsaw extraction, when you make your cut look at where the dust comes off the blade, most of the time you can make your cut and aim the dust straight at the dust port. Hope that makes sense mate.

Not Just Sawdust says:

Nice to have had a tour around your workshop, The luxury of 2 bandsaws… (and good ones on top of that). Wish you a lot of creativity for the coming year!

Mulligan Farms says:

Great setup and love how the workflow is working itself out as you use the shop. Good tips on the bandsaw and other tool sizes.
IF somehow I manage to get out to mine today won't be wearing shorts like you! 1C here today, and 6C out there…. brrr.

Ari Ojala says:

You have very well equiped and organized shop! Found you on Reddit.

Built By Chris says:

Really jealous of the size of the workshop. Great range of tools mate, but you don't seem to have any yellow and black ones. Good video to kick off the year. Well done.

Kuffys Woodwork says:

Good stuff mate. I am envious of your drill press. The extra depth would come in handy for so many things that I do around here. 👍

Scott Turner says:

Nice one mate! Lots of good tools, makes life much easier having a good set up like you have. I like that the old Triton MK3 is still there, serving as a bench 🙂

Jörgen Börg says:

a big shop for a big man! 😀. nice, buddy! greetings from the winterside of the world

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