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Meet my 96-year-old grandfather! Day by day he heads out into his small storage store and makes crosses, birdhouses, wooden toys, foot stools and no matter else evokes him within the second. Up to now he is revamped 11,000 pocket crosses which were distributed everywhere in the world by his church, family and friends. He’s my single biggest supply of inspiration and is the kindest, warmest particular person you’ll ever meet. He has helped me respect life and resides proof that so long as you’ve gotten a function and surrounded by family members you can see happiness.

One of many many issues I really like about Grandpa Picciuto is there’s an open invitation each Sunday morning in his tiny kitchen the place family and friends collect to drink “Espresso Royals” which is a tasty mix of black espresso and whiskey!

I hope everybody who watches my movies finds their supply of inspiration and finds their function. My aim right here on this channel is to encourage others to be artistic. Even in case you don’t have the identical instruments or the identical hobbies as me, I hope my movies spark that concept you’ve been in search of.

Thanks for watching and thanks for serving to me dwell my dream. It doesn’t matter what nation you reside in, race, gender, sexual orientation, class, we’re all MAKERS and all on this collectively. Love and respect!


Make Something says:

To those who have asked… my grandpa never takes money for the things he makes. He gives everything away for the love of the craft. I truly appreciate you watching. ❤️

Logan Huston says:

Is there any way we can purchase a cross from him?! We adore him!

Paul Coyne says:

Lessons to live by

Matt M says:

Absolutely loved this video. Nice job honoring your Grandpa!

Andrew Klein says:

This really was a great video, thanks for sharing.

Gary Oshust says:

Get Grandpa a SawStop for christmas! He is awesome David!

Curt Ziegler says:

Moving interview David. Please thank your grandfather for taking the time to share and for his service. Everyone needs someone like Tony in their life. 🙂

Jack Vance says:

Your grandfather is a great inspiration to us all!

Terry Smith says:

This is the best video on the internet. Thanks for honoring your Grandpa like that, and giving us a glimpse into the life of an inspirational man!

E Caff says:

Bless you for sharing that inspirational video of your Grandpa. When I grow up, I want to be able to be working just like Him. Thank you for sharing.

craig e says:

This is amazing. Thanks David and Thanks Grandpa P!!!

Tom Joad says:

I'd like to hear him about his ww2 years. Did he fight in Europe of Pacific?

I Like To Make Stuff says:

He's rad! Thanks for sharing man 🙂

MakingAtHome - Steve Moseley says:

Thank you very much for sharing your grandfather with us. He is truly an inspiration! Watching the video reminded me of my grandfathers shop. He was a welder for the military and was one of the first men on his base to weld aluminum. We lost him when I just got out of college and before I got into making things. I I truly miss not being able to learn from him with regards to his skills and experience. You have been given a gift to be able to know him at his age. Please thank him for his service to our country and his selfless work to bring inspiration to others.

UreaSmith says:

Very fit and strong for 96..

Shane Peden says:

His smile is awesome! Thanks for sharing David, you should bring him into your shop and make some crosses!

Erik Hinkston says:

Inspiring to all who make, thank you for making this video. I was only 3 when my woodworking grandfather passed, how I wish there was something of his left behind for me to use. I only have a couple pieces of furniture he built, all the tools were given away. I love hearing from makers about their heritage and the mentors that inspired and taught them. I imagine this is how my grandad would be if I’d had the chance.

Mccarthy Woodshop says:

Keep movin. That’s awesome

Josh Mann says:

What wisdom, thanks for sharing David

Yusuf Masron says:

Good for you.

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