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These movies are quick venture and on a regular basis updates. If you want to see precise woodworking movies try my major channel.
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Lucas Black says:

Right on! lol

Jesse Moree says:

That video was "Right on!"

John Schneider says:

Drinkin some Tropicalia During the tour. I LIKE IT!!! 😉

The box store workshop says:

Thanks for sharing Jay,I just subscribed.

Chevrolet Diesel Nation says:

Awesome shop

NayNay says:

I get all of the power tools. What I can't fathom is all of the money these guys spend on clamps. I bought just one of those Bessey k-body clamps and felt guilty about the money it cost for a couple of weeks!

MrBubbajohnson1 says:

Nice shop Jason! Thanks for your service also!

Philip Ruhland says:

Where do you keep your extra or spare wood pieces you don't use on the projects you bought them for?

Ben Birdsill says:

Wow! Nice shop. I feel like an under achiever, but I'll get there. Great tour – right on?

Retired with wood says:

You need to come to Iowa Jay.

thePolerin says:

"I just went blank there" about the maple. You don't strike me as speechless often, so that got a laugh.

Dimensionswoodworks says:

Jason is a good Dude! We’ve followed each other for quite a while now and i was fortunate to meet and hang out with him at WBC19 He’s got a Fabulous shop setup!!!

Smoking DeWalt says:

Right on, awesome shop!

Zach Budano says:

Wow, what an amazing shop. Have you kept track of how much you have in equipment and accessories?

JronmanBuilds says:

where did he get that Festool floor mat in front of the Kapex miter saw?

Greg Palmer says:

Jay and Jason: thanks for the shop tour. Lots to think about even without an income stream that would buy the great tools. You guys have some great timbers in North America.

Greg Palmer says:

Jason: given you have used the MFT without its leg supports, in hindsight would you get a Parf guide II and make your own table and top instead?

Brandon White says:

“Right on”

Jeff Porterfield says:

GREAT shop tour.

chiggymonkey says:

Agreed on the Jessem clear cut guides, those things are fantastic. Makes rip cuts vastly easier and safer.

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