BUILDING MY SHOP WALLS! | Primary Framing and Drywall

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On this video I get rocking on the brand new store construct out. I body out the doorway for the store entrance, and a get it wanting good and fairly. I give some fundamental framing ideas and present what my favourite fastening instrument for concrete is!

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Doubt it matters much for your shop but you should always have treated wood as your seal that is on the concrete.

Southern Style DIY says:

Second channel for singing with sawdust!! Awesome walls! Your new shop is looking really great!

Allan Wickard says:

Hey John, your website link up in your caption has a space in it and won't link out. Just FYI man. Keep up the great work! 99K and counting!

Samuel Haworth says:

I hope you hit 100k. Your videos are awesome and your skill set is incredible. Good Luck

Natalie Mendoza says:

David and Goliath

gXXrGoNe says:

Great video, fun too watch!
Also, those are non-structural walls and you ended up using drywall, so you could have gone 24 on center and saved a few bucks, not a big deal though. And that short wall was crooked AF. I get the short wall is in ur workspace not ur show space but that opening on top would drive me crazy. For MY sanity you should through up enough framing to put another piece of drywall. 😁😁😁
And if the framing was put on concrete you should have used treated lumber for the bottom rack, concrete holds moisture.

Gary Sheridan says:

John! Awesome vid man! How close are you to Orbisonia, PA? Noticed some shops that look familiar

Dave Major says:

Great build, We generally push the full sheets to the top of the wall, leaving the pieces at the bottom, this provides for less ladder work while mudding & sanding. the bottom raw edge is covered by the baseboard. Insulation here would make a huge difference in sound levels, if that is a concern.

Ethan Carter says:

Awesome video, John!  Makes me want to go try to build a wall just cause!

Pat Link says:

Framing with fun great humour in the video

sureshot311 says:

I enjoyed the adventure break. Cool video. 👍

Sagern234 says:

Passed through your area last week, hauling coal up to USSteel in Clairton..

FOMI1970 says:

Now that you have walls … (let there be light)… 🙂

Double Dare Fan says:

I would have laid a strip of plastic in between the bottom plate and the floor.
Keep that bottom plate dry. Probably cheaper than PT lumber, too. Use both plastic and PT lumber for long term installations.

drew Galipeau says:

If you hit 100k can you post a video of you getting in that Mini Cooper?? It looks like a cute lil toy next to the platinum

Fred Thomson says:

Hey John: Great to see sights from Pgh.  Love trying to figure out where you are and I know exactly where you are.  Originally from Forest Hills and have been in you space many times.  Keep up with great videos.

Jeff Marx says:

Amazing that yinz ran into eachother in the parking lot, I hope it works out for him in the old shop. Good luck with your new space, I appreciate your work and am looking forward to more (and bigger?) in your sweet new space, watching from the other end of the state.

cardsfanbj says:

Just remember, there ain't no kill like overkill

Ragon Grimes says:

Did I hear you say “crappy drywall screws?” What makes them crappy and what would you recommend? I’ve always used drywall screws for misc shop projects or whatever else I’ve got going on, but I’ve noticed a lot of YouTube woodworkers appear to be using something different. Love your videos.

Joshua Edwards says:

Should have used pressure treated on cement floor

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