Builing the Dream Workshop! (Workshop Construct and Tour)

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Bench Grinder Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qp_OY-MLtA
Wall Cupboard Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5ZCTM9wsiU&t=100s
Small Components Storage Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olM8S_xy69Y
Bandsaw Stand Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klb9fVN56Uw
My Favorite Instruments (Via Amazon Influencer Store):

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Music by Joakim Karud. Thanks Joakim! Like it!


Jean-Pierre Sager says:

Hi, wie ist denn das nun. Du hast zwei Parkplätze gemietet, bleibt nun die Werkstatt offen auf den anderen Seiten? Ich weiß ja nicht so eine Garage ist doch kalt und feucht. Macht das denn Spass? Bei mir im Keller ist es auch nicht gerade warm aber sicher wärmer als in der Garage neben an und wenn man an der Arbeit ist heizt sich der Raum auch auf. Gruss

Kyle Nichols says:

Ha, I’m America (where I live, at least), your tools would be gone within a month.

Prakash Gudimetla Gudimetla Prakash says:

NYC work shop and super bro excellent thank you

13daniel1974 says:

What about your static electricity build up in your dust collection system?

Judoschaf 2000 says:

Ist dass DEINE garage ? 😮

daniel_ klxx says:

Ich habe mich gewundert, dass der Titel einmal auf deutsch und dann auf englisch angezeigt wurde … Dann habe ich deinen Akzent gehört😂😂😂

Daniel Röspel says:

Machst du auch Videos auf Deutsch?

Vic Ron says:

No ergonomics. Chaos in the tools.
Why cover with rubber tsol if there is plywood on it ?!

Darren Yorston says:

Man that is bizarre. In australia you would end up in court for doing that in a rental. Until recently tenants were often not even permitted to put a picture hook into a wall.

Honda says:

What did you search on eBay for the bench top rubber roll?, by the way the setup looks great!

bmanners says:

I also have a hole in the wall for the mitre saw…except my hole is a small window so i have a tarpoline cover to stop rain getting on it. When you want to get as many tools as you can into a small space you have do these things 🙂

Libertatea Gandului Meu says:

The mercedes suv it is yours?

TheMadJoker87 says:

a bit late with the comment, but an easy way to change the sanding disk on that machine is to peel only half of the adhesive, slide the unpeeled half down and stick the top part, spin the disk half way, peel the rest of the plastic from the back and stick the rest of the disk

bob kelso says:

Zeihst da noch ne Trockenbauwand ein? Wenn du da ernsthaft arbeitest freuen sich die Fahrzeugbesitzer. 😀

iHeart carpentry says:

Thanks for the how to videos. I subscribed to your channel may I ask that you do the same for mine as I'm slowly building a following while posting how to woodworkimg and carpentry videos. Thanks on advance and happy holidays

Bartol Vukić says:

Great job, how do you satisfied with angel wall brackets for the workbench? I ask for stability and strength 4:00

Mitja Karba says:

i dont know why but i dont like it.. still looks messy and for this money that you spend you should do better .. but appreciate your work. greetings from slovenia

Wally Verbeck says:

You have the shop, get the dog. Every man needs a "Shop Dog". 🙂

Abhijit Ghosh says:

Highly inflammable celling to put electrical cables and sockets

Martin Tubig says:

Hi, stumbled across this video.
Will be an avid watcher for now on.
Question: how big was your old workshop and how big was your current workshop?
Thank you!

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