Canadian Woodworks Shop Walk Through

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Paul Lemiski of Canadian Woodworks and Legacy Lumber is a custom furniture maker, saywer, and woodworking instructor. I had the opportunity to visit Paul while I was in Toronto recently. I previously visited him 2 years ago. Paul’s shop and operation has grown substantially in that time.
Previous Shop Walk Through:

Sawmill Walk Through:

Paul Lemiski

Outlet Store:
5775 Atlantic Dr
Unit 5
Mississauga, ON L4W 4P3

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Matthew Cremona says:

Thanks so much Paul for taking the time to show us around your shop! I'll be getting the sawmill walk through posted soon.

Drew Pickard says:

Thats a great shop. Jeez that guy is living the dream is what I kept thinking the whole video. Those are some really sweet big boy tools hes got there

Glen Campbell says:

Hey Matt, pass on to Paul that we all miss his videos at his old Canadian Woodworks channel. Loved watching his chair builds and shop updates !

Carlos Castilla says:

My thicknesser has 4HP. We are talking here of 60HP!

Jordan Little says:

Just looked and his cheapest slab was 500 and it was junk imo lol

Dave Herman says:

This is awesome. Paul seems like a good dude to have a couple beers with and bs!

George Rydberg says:

Wow, beautiful wood. So much energy!

Joshua Manning says:

Didn't know Christian Bale ran such a clean shop!

Mike Krukowski says:

Hi Matt , can you post the link for VFD brand or type your friend Paul use to run his machines ?

T Van Loon says:

Yeah, that’s about all I got. Just, Wow!

Side note… I noticed that (when I watched it), this video had something on the order of 24,000 views – but only 1,200ish ‘Likes’. Seriously folks !!!??? What’s up with that ?? If you bother to watch a video all the way through, and it doesn’t repulse you, then bother to press the 👍 button and offer some credit to the ppl that ‘bothered’ to bring you that cool video! It’s the decent thing to do.

Steven James Porter says:

This guy is only an hour from my place…..

Bobby Stanley says:

Just when I thought the tour couldn’t get any better you opened the door! WOW!!!

eggypickle says:

I think Paul wins the best shop contest… 🙂

Ike Dosch says:

This guy is living the dream, and that view is really the cherry on top!

Wordsnwood (Art Mulder) says:

Hey I just noticed @9:40 — Paul, you are the only other woodworker on youtube that I've ever seen with Gross+Stabil clamps. I get asked regularly about "those orange/yellow clamps" I use. I know, it's just a few, but still.

Cpedro1685 says:

You’ve been busy in the past 2 years to say the least Paul. Congratulations on your success. Matt thank you as always for sharing!!

Nate D says:

That tour is like a wood workers disneyland..

Nate D says:

I need to know his auction

jeff p says:

Great shop. Fascinating dude

Eugeniy27 K says:

awesome shop)…

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