David Ray Pine’s Woodworking Workshop Tour

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See the workshop and furnishings of a grasp furnishings reproductionist woodworker within the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. See the article & pictures right here: http://woodandshop.com/david-ray-pine-woodworking-workshop-tour

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Paul Boudreau says:

The days of yore, thanks for the experience.
An old shipwright friend had a similar workspace, where
time and experience live.
Thank you.

Tob Ias says:

I Love these videos… but I noticed that every American shop looks like somebody standing outside the building threw the tools inside… and then a bomb exploded

Sam Logosz says:

You're an artist. God gave you a good gift.

Ronald Strout says:

Nice workshop.

Jon Dalrymple says:

Thank you for this. I love that there are still craftsmen around who can do this highly skilled work and patrons enough to appreciate it. This video has a timeless quality about it. The sense of peace I felt while watching this was a real gift. Thanks.

Robert Brunston says:

Very beautiful furniture you made! Like your shop too! Thank you.

hypnoray thompson says:

You Sir are a pure craftsman. So much talent.

Specialized61 says:

Just beautiful work! You are a master craftsman

738polarbear says:

Marvellous stuff . The woodwork AND the video.

Punisher SORIANO says:

Excellent video, I enjoyed every bit of info you shared. From the memories of buying that tool in 1971, to the type and styles different generations had back then. It’s a shame they just dont make them like they use to.

roy ramey says:

good work,but it seems to me like it,s not work to you.Thanks. ps i know the feeling

Bob Eagle says:

camera person is excellent.

james dickson says:

You are a talented man you have the passion

Markus Patients says:

I'm a woodworker myself and appreciate what you do but for heavens sake; Blow your noes, you're in the house now.

France Williams says:

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Andrea's Workshop says:

Love these tour shop videos and getting to know people who work there.
This is what hones a person to decide what to have in their own dream workshop!
Thank you!

Bryan Whitby says:

What a great craftsman.

Chris Walls says:

Wow. Some beautiful stuff

Karen Frank says:

★☞I simply fabricated a 10×12 shed for storing away my woods using this  [Check Details Here == https://www.facebook.com/Tedswoodworking-262698340809686/app/208195102528120 ].. I adore the simple regulated directions, they are so unmistakably penned down that even a novice can utilize them to outline like an expert. It's astounding!

Joe Dov says:

beautiful carving work !

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