Dream Store & Desk Noticed Setup

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David Dickmeyer says:

Nice to see you back! Thought we may have lost you…

Osvaldo Cristo says:

I missed you. It was great to see you back healthy and with energy and great Didactics.

UPSIPO says:

Thumbs up. I need to buy the same SawStop but Metric ! For Europe. Can I use a link from you. ( %commision to you)

Chris Neocleous says:

Nice to see you up and running William, looking forward to what you have in store for 2019

Lyle Feucht says:

Welcome back… love your videos!

departureblue says:

I'm so pleased you're back as well 🙂

R Herman says:

Worth the wait!!!

m belk says:

You did have to turn off the flesh detecting sensors with the feeler gage being metal correct?

m belk says:

You did have to turn off the flesh detecting sensors with the feeler gage being metal correct?

Paul Joseph Hilchey says:

So glad to see you back! The 1% who gave a "thumbs down" are nothing! The 99% who gave a "thumbs up" are appreciative of the knowledge that you convey in such a thorough and thoughtful way. Keep up the great work! Thank You William Ng!!!

Square, Level, & Plumb says:

Very Nice William

TheWarriorWorkshop says:

I’m glad to see you back! Are you going to show making the extended dado slots on your outfeed table?

StuffUCanMake says:

This is a cool video. I got a few ideas that i could use in my shop.

Vote 4 Pedro says:

You mention a riving knife on an older saw. I cannot seem to find an aftermarket riving knife. Any suggestions?

garagemonkeysan says:

Nice design for out feed table. Great video. Thanks for sharing! : )

Bouhunter says:

what was that little combination square

Luís Filipe says:

I'm so happy you're back! You can't imagine how much you helped me with your cross cut sled video. I was getting so frustrated with the imprecision in perpendicular cuts before…

Fergal Walsh says:

So great to see you back.

2300Kenzie says:

When students push the fence into the blade you said you can replace them. I presume you meant the fence, right?

G Man Tyler says:

Happy New Year. Welcome back. Always informative content. Especially the finishing vids. Those are important to help hide mistakes !!

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