Free Wooden & Find out how to Dry It for Woodworking in a Small Store

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Free wooden is a cornerstone of my enterprise mannequin as I could not be aggressive with a 20-50% price penalty. Plus utilizing what’s obtainable provides numerous range and enjoyable expertise. It does not price rather more than a bit of data, planning and persistence to dry wooden even in a small store.

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Dennis Hughes says:

Great to see you back with yet another great vidoe full of informative and inspiring facts. Thanks.

Don Fillenworth says:

A lot of good information! Thanks for sharing.

R.L. Kramer says:

Really happy to see you making more videos. Always love them. thank you

Hashem Al-Haddad says:

Thank you for your great efforts.. You are one of a million.

Nick Standard says:

So, when you find a tree, are you able to get it yourself into the pick-up, or do you need to find another body to life it with you?

Prepperjon says:

Hey There – love your videos. Always a wealth of knowledge and entertaining at the same time which is awesome. Back around 2007 I saw a short video on a public access station on the television while I was working the Oregon coast. It was two guys cutting down a massive old growth tree up in the mountains of Oregon. When their saw went in about a foot, suddenly a flood of sap started pouring out of it. There must have been at least 100 gallons or more lol. It was quite the sight. Lol

Prepperjon says:

About 20 years ago I was given a brand new chainsaw as a kind of bonus. I’ve cut a minimum of 4-5 cord of wood each year since I received it and a few years I cut 9-10 cords of wood. I’ve never done a tune up on it in fact I’ve never replaced or cleaned the spark plug lol. I do clean the little sponge type air filter once a year. It’s out performed all of my friends chainsaws over the years. They all use top of the line Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws. Mine only has an 18” chain which has always been enough. What chainsaw do I have? I have a Poulon Wildthing lol it’s green and purple, ugly as sin lol. It currently sells for about $130 lol Plus I don’t really take care of it. I toss it in the back of my truck and it’s spent quite a few nights out in the snow or rain. Once every few years I wipe off the grime/oil/sawdust that accumulates on it but that’s about it. I do only use non-ethanol gas with a 92 or better octane but that’s it. I’m almost afraid to clean it completely or do a tune up for fear it will stop working lol. If ever does “die” I’ll probably go get another one. Lol
Cheers mate and happy trails

Larry Wiltse says:

I found your video reassuring. I have been doing exactly what you discussed – even the bit about putting the wood in the attic of my garage. I had two good size cherry trees come down in a wind storm last. I have used a box fan to increase the air flow through the stacked wood.

Bruce Humphrey says:

If I can't fill my kiln with bowls I throw the offcut pieces in there too, it helps to keep the temperature up as well as drying the other pieces of wood. I only use local free wood too, but don't tell everyone as I need the trees 🙂

Ilan David says:

Where are you in Texas?

Dave Geldart says:

Great video, I was wondering about trying to use a dehumidifier in an enclosed space to speed up drying, has anyone tried this?

Walter Rider says:

thank you . yup i got a problem . a couple of yrs ago a storm ran through and dropped trees . i got a poulan pro 50cc 20 " and got busy well for old geezer . using it with my band saw i got lots of board drying now . a big problem for me now is when i see a tree down i want to drag it home lol .

555. 6016 says:

Love the info you provide. Well worth the effort .

LassetUnsSpielen says:

It's always worth the subscibtion

Richard Garrow says:

Great ideas that you would not normally think of. Thanks I will admit I wish more folks would grab up the trees that come down in the storms.A group in NYC after Sandy when to the town shires and offer to take as much as they could. They now have at least 10 years of wood to dry sell and use for good quality furniture.. Thanks for all the great info..

Beschaulichkeit says:

Lots of good info in this video. Thank you for sharing!

Sebastopolmark says:

This is a GREAT video filled with to allow us to dry our own wood. Another thing by doing it yourself you can say I got the wood free AND dried it MYSELF! !! !!!

Nathan Weese says:

Another great teaching video, this channel gets better every video I watch.

Jon Bowers says:

Hi Shawn. Im just getting my woodshop set up. I have a 40x60x20 barn with about 200 12' 3"x3" red oak lumber . Im curious to know if you have any projects I can use this "free" lumber for? This is an idea of my shop I have ( bare in mind I have had a limited budget to set this up on) 20'x40' wood shop….new craftsman professional cast iron table saw 2018 model,new Laguna 14/12 band saw with a Laguna resaw king 3/4" blade ,new Shop fox 6" jointer, new 12" DeWalt planer , new Jet dust collector, new Kobalt router and table, used 6×48 belt and 9" disc sander, used 10" 16 speed delta drill press with mortising attachment, new delta 10" single bevel , sliding miter saw with stand. Misc: new incra table saw miter sled, hand power sanders, kreg K-5 system, new full set of forster bit set, 10 48" bar clamps about 30 trigger clamps 6" 24" 25 2" spring clamps, dewalt drills and impact, circular saw, jig saw, dewalt 1/4" router, profile sander plus a lot of Misc small tools. Any advise for me would be very helpful. I really appreciate your time and trouble. Thank you very much , Jon Bowers Mount olivet, KY,,,,,feel free to email if you like

Fergus Neff says:

Really good video – thanks

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