Encourage Woodcraft 2018 Store Tour – French Cleat System

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My first store tour! I’ve utterly overhauled my two-car storage to accommodate each my store house AND my household cupboard space, which till now has at all times been a wrestle. Hopefully this provides a few of you some concepts on the right way to improve your personal work house, whether or not in a storage or not. I believe my considerate method to the normal French cleat system will assist just a few people out as properly.

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Andrew Brorherton says:

Nice setup! I really like your paint, finishing cabinet. In deffinetly looking into doing something like that. Also like what you did with your assembly table how you used storage space. Great ideas that I needed to see.

Michael Webb says:

I already use the French system but I love your stain cabinet idea! Floor space is a premium for my 2 car garage / wood shop and I love the idea of shelves that don't touch the floor or protrude to far out into the shop space. I'm totally stealing that idea. Great video. You just earned a new subscriber.

Noxious CEB says:

Thanks for the inspiration to clean up my small garage.

John Drake says:

Nice tour! Your idea for making all your holders with flat bottoms is brilliant. I will be using that when I reorganize my shop, thank you! Subscribed!

Blue SlyDer says:

Very nice Sr.. 👍

bubba buckwheat says:

That cleat system knocked it clear out of the park! Very nice 👍

Steven Larkin says:

Love your tips and shop tour : )

Data Kook says:

good video, thanks for sharing… you need to put a few posters/art work on the walls

Tom Albrecht says:

I, like others, were not sold on the french cleat idea until I saw your video. Great job mate! I think I will be using the idea in my workshop as well. I can now see many uses within my workshop for them. The plastic wall separator is also a great idea as I share my shop (2 car garage) with storage as well. Well done and great video!

Hekios888 S says:

Great creative and unique shop ideas! Love the shop!

Tony Schultz says:

Like the layout. Some great ideas. Have you seen the dust collection as you put together buts its more vertical taking up less space.

Shop Nation says:

Dude, nicely done! I really dig how much thought you put into your shop layout and how things are organized. You basically just walked through the exact reason for my YouTube channel! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more from your channel. Subbed!

Conrad rieckhoff says:

What are the dimensions of your cleats and how far apart are they spaced?

starlin hembree says:

Very well thought out

Madera Studio says:

Wow I’m glad I stumbled onto this vid. You cracked me up laying on the floor. I literally just picked everything off my garage floor. Don’t remember how long it’s been since I saw it. The workbench is getting organized now. You can see about 80% of it. Anyway lots of great ideas. Will be incorporating a lot of them as I get the shop organized. Thanks for posting. Video well done. Look forward to checking out more of your vids.

Thomas Hester says:

I like it! I need to be more organized.

John says:

some very nice LITTLE features

garry smythe says:

Very very good ideas you have used here. He simple but very effective way you have used French cleats shows "Inspiration " sorry lol, thanks for posting from Garry in the UK

melvyn stenway says:

what a great system . i!m inspired. like the others i will be stealing many of your tips and ideas. well done. regards from mel in england gb.

Jeromy Ashcraft says:

Great finishing cabinet.

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