Jan 4th 2019 Store Tour

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It is a tour of my small woodshop c. finish of 2018 starting of 2019. My woodshop is constructed round a central island meeting desk and machine cart which has my Bosch 4100 desk noticed, Dewalt DW735 planer, Porter Cable jointer, Skil drill press, band noticed and store vac mud assortment all in-built. I even have a cell device wall with storage for my hand-tools on the prepared and a big cupboard for device and storage. The set-up maximizes the effectivity of every machine and permits me to make use of every device with little to no setup time. I even have built-in mud assortment which permits me to work indoors with a minimal quantity of mud and clean-up.
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Cherie Miller says:

Just noticed where you have Pappy and Dad's obituaries. Good spot for them! <3

RsXeN says:

Looks great. I had a similar idea in mind with the pull out tools (planer/jointer) only with adding in and outfeed tables in the negative spaces. thanks for sharing.

The Home Carpenter says:

This is great!

Joshua Bowie says:

Very cool setup, and a nice article. ROTM! 😉

Nick Lloyd-Jones says:

I have just discovered your channel via the Jay Bates newsletter. As a retired aerospace engineer living in the UK, I can see your background has been more than useful when coming up with creative ideas for utilising space efficiently. I will be following your channel from now on.

Brads Workbench says:

This is just awesome man. I’m in an 8×12’ Shed so I definitely feel your pain. I still have a long way to go before shooting a tour but would love for u to come check out some of my rookie woodworking videos

Rick Alves says:

Loved the tour. I got lots of good ideas for my shop. You obviously have a pretty well rounded knowledge of what’s needed and what’s not. I subscribed and look forward to more videos. Thanks again …. 👍Rick

Mike Reese says:

Great use of space Chris! Thanks for the video and article, lots of wonderful ideas.

Maker At Play says:

Really nice setup. I like having everything on wheels in my shop as well. Very impressive how ever thing is laid out. You can tell a lot of thought went into it.

Fred Hantz says:

Love your setup!

J. Baker says:

Nice setup. I'm working with about the same amount of space and have been working on a similar layout utilizing a multi-purpose bench like yours.

Adam Wright says:

Awesome work! I love space-saving organization tips for workshops, and you knocked it out of the park! I do have a couple questions/constructive criticism:
– can you confirm why the table saw is off center of the workbench/outfeed table?
– with all those awesome built-in stations/tools, I'm surprised to see that you haven't built your router into the bench, but instead use a small router table on the ground. Any plans for that in future?
– I love the swivel-up tool surfaces (i.e. the planer), I saw that on a Woodworking Magazine video and loved it from day one. Any thoughts on swivel-up surface vs fliptop bench? Main one I'd think about is that with swivel-up, it doesn't take up space on the primary bench surface, it uses it's own surface.
– I'm jealous of your flat driveway, mine is slightly downhill, which means I couldn't do this setup sadly. Would be nice because my workspace is a tiny one car garage (if it was empty my Tacoma probably wouldn't fit but my fiance's Grand Cherokee might if the mirrors were pulled in). Any additional tips/tricks on wall-focused storage/organization etc?
Keep up the great work! Subbed

Nicholas Gomez says:

Great shop tour!! Thanks for sharing! Just shows that a person can still create even in a small space.

Raymond Malone says:

Great set up 👍🇬🇧

How To Fix It Workshop says:

You have some really impressive solutions to your set up. Great video!

Timothy Newkirk says:

Brilliant Organization! TY The air cart may help me in my shop. No offence, but this reminds me why I haven't had a wife since 1984! My garage, My space! …Newk from Kentucky

Michael Breaux says:

great video. I learned plenty. thank you.

John Albrecht says:

I’m still a fan of the surface planner storage
I told you before I’m gonna build one but I’m not a fan of the draw slides
I keep coming back to it hoping to have an epiphany and it will all fall together but nothing yet

Robert Mazzitelli says:

Nice setup! I hear you about the rain. I'm in upstate SC.

garbagge59 says:

Happy to see you back! I know you weren't doing a video on the table you were making for your wife, but can we see it if it's finished?

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