Mobile Planer Stand with Dust Collection – Woodworking Shop Project

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Make a space-saving Mobile Planer Stand with dedicated dust collection. This is a simple 2×4 and plywood stand that can be made in one day.
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Brian Prusa says:

Nice! Always good to free up floor space.

Barry Roberts says:

Hi mate great build as usual, nice and easy just how i like them ha ha ha.
Hope you are all ok and away from that storm, take care.
Barry (ENG)

Downeast Thunder Creations says:

Cool idea, Steve! Great project and your timing is spot on, as I'm presently working on a major renovation of my shop. Thanks for the tip!

Paul Meyette says:

Solid work, Steve


Great video my friend quick and easy 👍👍

Donald Schlicht says:

I would fill up that separator in an hour. I am using a 40 gal trash can for a seperator.

BronkBuilt says:

Awesome job Steve! I had a thickness planer all setup to buy and I was going to build a setup pretty similar, although a bit different. Then my garage door broke so the money I had saved needs to go toward that first.

Dave Gatton says:

Yet another great job making a simple, easy to build mobile stand. Well done Steve!

The InterWebs Show says:

Great vid as always my friend!! I've got something similar planned for a ShopVac cart!!

Rich Fasel says:

Great cart there Steve.

Jon Miller says:

I would have to empty that bin multiple times per project. Looks great for people who do small projects.

Mark McCluney says:

Nice vid, enjoyed that mate. Thanks for sharing.

Fred McIntyre says:

Awesome work Steve! 😃👍👊

Stamatis T says:

Great build. Neat and simple, ready to do the job!

Steve Collins says:

An easy design with a very functional cart in the end.

Stephen Mayne says:

Looks great Steve.

Alan Pinho says:

Nice job, missed what type of dust separator you are using?

MRrwmac says:

Simple but very useful. Miter saw cart?

Joe P. Krcma says:

Nice work! Hope everything is safe over there

Artisan Pirate says:

Great Video As Usual My Friend ! Its Always Great To Get A Little Organized !

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