My Woodworking Store Tour 2014

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On this video, I take you on a tour of my woodworking store, The Carmichael Workshop. My workshop is continually altering, so I’m wondering what it’ll appear like subsequent yr!

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Pat Shea says:

Nobody has commented for three years so to make your day. " I love your shop".  It appears that it is well used.  I am glad someone else has a list of pending projects.  Never a day when you say "I am bored!". Eh?

Trenton Ramey says:

I know this is a late comment but I just bought the same band saw also my first . And was wondering did you have a problem with the tension screw wallowing out ?

Beginner Woodworker says:

I like this guy. He's a drummer, a woodworker, and he's super goofy. It's like looking in a mirror.

joe says:

Hey Steve, great shop video. How much do you think moisture effects your tools being an open shop? I have been trying to work out of a 10×12 shed, but been finding myself working out in the yard. Im just been worried about moisture damage. Keep up the great videos.

Noddi1964 says:

Nice shoptour. Thanks for sharing

Tzahi says:

Hi Steve,
Great video, I wanted to ask (I hope this is the right place to ask), I make the first steps in the field, and plans to start and buy tools. Assuming that I can not buy everything at once, What tools would you recommend starting with? And where to invest in high-quality work tool and where can  i compromise.
Thank you very much,
Tzahi a.

Bob Wozniak says:

Nice shop great tour I really enjoy watching your videos

Mark Perry says:

Loved the tour. Can totally relate to the shared space. I've held the light for my dad for many years. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Years!

Mark Blomster says:

Nice shop! Pretty cool that you saved your dad's light as a keepsake.

Fishpharmer says:

Got some good ideas from your video. Thanks

Billy Cury says:

+Steve Carmichael I just started getting into woodworking and this is my first video I've seen of yours. All I have to say is "GOOD STUFF" I really enjoyed the tour as I plan on re-inventing my garage too!

Luis Figueroa says:

You have quick a bit of Craftsman tools, that's something you don't see in the other woodworker videos.  Only Craftsman I have is my table saw.

Steve Collins says:

Great shop tour, Steve. I have that same table saw that I purchased new in 95. Changed the fence to a T-2 earlier this year.

gizmo bowen says:

Hey Steve,
I've got an old 12" Craftsman bandsaw that I am replacing with a new Rikon unit.  I went to YouTube and did a search on bandsaw projects and found your wonderful site.  I've already watched a bunch of your videos and am very impressed with your creativity and productivity given your small work area.  I plan on watching a bunch of your other videos and am thinking about making tongue drums for my kids.  Also, I just wanted to mention that I have the exact same drill press as you, so that was surprising when I saw it.

Thanks for all the great videos and projects!  I'm glad I discovered you.

Mike Bowen

WM Woodworking says:

Very Thorough look at your shop…. LOL…

Short-N Stubby says:

You must spend alot of time cleaning your shop, LOL. I cant keep mine that clean. I have got to figure something out

Elesix Estepa says:

Sorry Steve while the tour is interesting you and I would differ on space allocation. Lawn mower and yard tools would go in a shed.  Woodshop would be on your side and my Vette would be covered on my side.  Although I would be amenable to giving you a little of my side for a Reese's; but there was none in the Tool Chest.  Your Dad's light was a cool story though…always save and display it.

Ben's Collection and Sundry says:

I think your table saw originally came with a plastic dust guard, so a riving knife was unnecessary. 

Ivar Dag Smiseth says:

Thanks for nice tour! You have use your space very clever! Keep it up! I love watching your videos! All good to you! 🙂

Mike Caffery says:

Thanks for the tour Steve, My shop is about the same size except mine is in the basement. You have a well organized shop and I very much enjoy watching your video's. Keep up the good work!

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