New Woodworking Instruments for The Store | Makers Playground

Share it with your friends Like is just one of the best retail woodworking an extra retailer I’ve come throughout. I could not be extra happy to announce that I’ve partnered with them for 2019.
On this video myself and a few maker pals take a street journey to Klingspor’s Woodworking Store to choose up some new instruments for the woodworking store.


Jim Feaster says:

Deliverence wood workers

Joe Gemma III says:

Whoa! How did I miss that you are in Greenville? I'm up in Spartanburg! Looking forward to checking out the Playground!

Billy Burt says:

Great vid, Izzy! Love Klingspor! Been using their products for years. The Maker's Playground looks great!

Were Bear says:

Looking good brother!!

Mr. Thomas Maslar says:

Makers playground equals corporate hawker central. I'd love to see the line of suits behind these videos.

Mr. Thomas Maslar says:

When do the cake makers come in? Smells like Corporate to me.

John Schroedl says:

Cary, NC? I live there…brb, headed to Klingspor

1968lisa1 says:

do you even read your notifications izzy swan do you even value your subscribers cause you damn sure dont respond to them

mark burton says:

klingspor should open a store in GREENSBORO, NC

Muru Roa says:

Still using your straddle square! I can't work without it. Thanks for making it.

Southern Custom Cuts says:

This is absolutely awesome! Kudos to you and the team for launching such as awesome community builder! I'm looking forward to future videos featuring the Playground!

Bob H says:

That place looks awesome! Whats the name of that fun polka band song you used in this video? I can't remember it

Rick Tanenbaum says:

Is the Makers Playground going to be located in Greenville, S.C.? Did I miss something and you have moved? Anyway, I'm glad you did the segment showing Klingspor. I had no idea that they carried such a varied selection of woodworking tools. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Dan Gamble says:

Get out of the green corner Mike! You can't afford to break anything in there!! Love what you're doing Izzy. Can't wait to see what amazing things emerge from the Playground when things kick off!

Sumo's Projects says:

You’re a top man Izzy, what a great concept & if Australia wasn’t as far away I’d love to be there to help out & make something in your shop 👍👍👍

Small Workshop Guy says:

So when are you going to open up your second location in Santa Cruz, CA? Would be so much fun to be part of that "interesting" community. Seriously, jealous of what you have going.

Gary Jones says:

How lucky I am to have been a part of this. What a blast getting to hang with everyone. So happy for you Izzy. Love ya brother!! Thanks Klingspor for being so good to a bunch of crazies. You all where amazing..

Ricc Ballard says:

Wow you must have driven by my house to get there, dang had I known, I would have invited you guys to stop by for some beers.

Fernando Marques says:

Very nice setup!!!! Good to know there are companies like this out there!

Roy Wrenn says:

Great video 👍. I want to wish you all the best in your new makers playground. I have been doing some looking at the store where you folks went and I have seen some awesome stuff with fantastic pricing.

Thanks for sharing and God bless

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