Store Storage DIY

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Store Storage for Medium and Massive Objects!

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My store storage was in want of storage for lots of the medium to giant gadgets that do not have wherever else to go, in addition to for lots of the smaller gadgets that I need not seize on a daily foundation. I made this piece utilizing 5 sheets of three/four” plywood, 1 sheet of half” plywood, and 1 sheet of 1/four” plywood.



HiKOKI Energy Instruments

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Instruments

Wall Management Panels

Easy End by Maker Model Co.



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Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Examine him out on below the identify “Sleepy Pablo”.
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Debbie Hill says:

Love that you use Hikoki (hitachi) tools

Sergio Filosofo says:

Yeah, so nice setting up a new workshop. All the new ideas you can put in, cool.

heather rose says:

Informative and super chill. 👍🏻 New subscriber for sure.

Nic Beurskens says:

Dude. Your editing and style are almost as much of the reason I'm subbed to your channel as your woodworking. I feel like you have really marked your identity in all of your videos without limiting yourself. Guys like you, and Matt Estlea have really gotten me into photography. I am so pumped to see you both growing into larger spaces to let your creativity and work get to another level. Seeing you work through constraints and design challenges pushes me to kick my own work into a higher gear every time. Thanks for being you. Looking forward to what 2019 brings!

Marius R Helgesen says:

Hello from Norway. I think I have seen all of your videos here on YouTube and they are impressive. Keep up the awesome build.
Which drawing program do you use? I’m looking for a good program that I can use.

Ty Lee says:

Every time I watch your build videos, they always make me want to build whatever you are building even if I don't need them. You remind me of a Mythbusters episode where a flight instructor was able to guide Adam and Jamie to land an airplane just by giving them instructions over the the radio. You are such a great instructor that you can guide almost any woodworking novice to build whatever you are building. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. Have a safe and happy new year.

Dave Erickson says:

What were the corner clamps you used when joining pockets?

Steven Rochon says:

Chris, I need to upgrade my dust collection and I'm considering the over arm you have on your SawStop. But I notice you didn't use it often. Why? What do you like/dislike about that add-on? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Caleb Reasons says:

Wow, those are really sleek cabinets. I love it. Could you (or anyone who knows) tell me what kind of hinges those are?


Can I make music for your videos? I play and write acoustic guitar ambient stuff like this 😊

Edy Moss says:

Thanks for the video and also the ideas , cudos

eggsngrits says:

"Flat surfaces get eaten up." No truer words are spoken.

3zooz says:


Modern Builds says:

I love the colored wall control panels 🔥

Torin Halsey says:

Magic coffins…

Gabriel Vazquez says:

Thank you for posting all of this amazing content for us to enjoy! Have a great end of year, and for a 2019 with more foureyes "four-us" 😉

Johnnie Walker says:

As always, i love the way you present your projects.


great job !

biscuits671 says:

Great video as per Chris. Look forward to it each week mate

Phillip Cross says:

How do you get such clean cuts and pocket holes with plywood?

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