Store Work: Final Desk Noticed Jigs Half 1

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That is simply PART 1 of the Final Desk Noticed Jigs assortment that I’ve put collectively. Jigs are such an vital half within the wooden store and are important if you’re in search of consistency, repeat-ability, and ease of a particular job. An excellent jig is one which is not too complicated however can tremendously simplify a given course of, and I believe I’ve received three right here that match this invoice. The primary three jigs that I might like to point out you on this video are the Skinny Strip Jig, Fisher’s Crosscut Sled, and the Miter Sled Attachment. If you would like to construct these jigs, I will have plans obtainable on my web site.

Final Desk Noticed Jigs Half 2:

Wish to skip the riff-raff and bounce to a selected jig? Use these hyperlinks:
Skinny Strip Jig:
Fisher’s Crosscut Sled:
Miter Sled Attachment:

William Ng’s 5-cut Methodology:–LFgQ

Particular Because of Doug Neiner from “DN Handcrafted” for designing the title sequence whereas dancing a jig on a jig. Go take a look at his superior channel @


Paulo Teodoro says:

Muito bom, obrigado pelo vídeo.

Jeff Waldron says:

Drew, thanks for this video. I just picked up the plans on your site and I'm going to build the sled this month. Really looking forward to having such a great sled.

Michael Schwenk says:

You have the claim to build the best crosscut sled with the most functions. That's good, because only the best is good enough. I have another suggestion for an extension: A dust collector at the lower end where the saw blade protection is located. This could be made hollow with a side channel to the right side of the sled, where a vacuum cleaner could be connected. Many greetings from Germany.

Павел 1 says:


Clifton O'Brien says:

Okay you have one of the best woodworking channels. Period!

BarefootDrummer says:

Question: I see you spraying something onto your wood pieces after gluing them. What are you spraying?

Russell Ford says:

First time I've seen one of your vid's. Great work and love the out takes. Subscribed, Thanks

halil ibrahim Duran says:

Omg! I don't have ugly washer. What am I going to do now 😀

Congrats mate! Very well done

Vasile Verban says:

Suuuper,thanks You…the Best,from Romania with love! Have Nice day… thanks !

session telemetric says:

lol!! @4:16 SOTL
"…then it puts the lotion back in the basket."

Papa Mo says:

Question from a relatively new woodworker. What was the purpose of the washer on your drill bit when drilling the hole into the back of the jig? Thanks for what you are doing I've been binge watching your videos and have picked up a bunch of great tips I haven't seen before or maybe just didn't get before.

Mark D Maker says:

OMG! just found you. New subscriber.

Stanley Shostak says:

I am arched them in reverse order but it was still enjoyable. Lots of good ideas.

Matt Groters says:

Rocket surgeon lol

1800cc says:

Great work, really enjoyed the presentation and content ! subbed from Tinonee Australia  👍

David Haggerty says:

Great job and love the humor. Great out takes. Keep up the great work.

Haste Gedacht says:

oh maqn the outtakes are great, greetings from germany

Andrew Brown says:

I really enjoy your videos~! Good projects and I always get a laugh. Seriously, gluing your fingers to the board~!?!? I mean, no one EVER does that~! (Don't tell my wife I said that.) LOLOL 😉

wazthatme Stegall says:

Came for the wood work stay for the dad jokes

Andrew Murray says:

Great video
Nice change of pace from a lot of what's on YouTube.


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