Store Work: Final Desk Noticed Jigs Half 2

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That is PART 2 of the Final Desk Noticed Jigs assortment that I’ve put collectively. Jigs are such an vital half within the wooden store and are important if you’re in search of consistency, repeat-ability, and ease of a selected job. An excellent jig is one which is not too advanced however can tremendously simplify a given course of, and I believe I’ve received three right here that match this invoice. The second three jigs that I might like to indicate you on this video are the Tapering Jig, the Spline Jig, and Fisher’s Field Joint Jig If you would like to construct these jigs, I am going to have plans out there on my web site.

Final Desk Noticed Jigs PART 1:

Need to skip the riff-raff and leap to a specific jig? Use these hyperlinks:
Tapering Jig:
Spline Jig:
Fisher’s Field Joint Jig

Particular Due to Doug Neiner from “DN Handcrafted” for designing the title sequence whereas shopping for my neighbor a brand new tiling trowel. Go try his superior channel @


Jim Cook says:

At the 3:10 mark of your video, you use wood clamps to clamp down your piece of wood. Did you make those? If so what did you use for the two ends (the black parts)?

Chomp Roth says:

How far into the material does that spline jig allow? looks like it sits relatively high so I was wondering

Hervé Girard says:

La meilleure video sur les aménagements d'une scie circulaire. Thank you mister Fischer.

Alex Belenkiy says:

great stuff

root1657 says:

you know what would really help that joint at 5:00? Splines. 🙂

Николай Тимохин says:



Eres un fenómeno 👍🇪🇸

Rufio 6814 says:

Do you have a "all in one" price for the plans for all these jigs? Great job btw

Steve Seay says:

You’re killing it, Drew. Way too much awesome here.

Рустам Енгалычев says:

Hello from Russia. You're making great things.

Ben Knighton says:

Do you think you could use a T-slot router bit instead of T-track? Would love to make some of these, just don't want to have a spend a ton on the T track.

Christofix says:

This video is very instructive for me. I am busy setting up my workshop (videos following my channel). I saved your video as inspiration to make my own jigs. greetings

FOMI1970 says:

A piece of advice to every woodworking beginner … don't waste your time on YouTube searching for table saw jigs and watching tens and tens of videos … just watch part one and two of this video … simple , efficient , accurate , and amazing .

IanBobbie Streten says:

Bit of a newbie to woodworking but come from a background of ‘Toolmaking’ & appreciate your no nonsense & so concise videos. Your ideas are great. Also can I add that not having any annoying back ground music is ‘Music to my Old Wrinkly Ears’. Thanks.

Rob Matthews Woodturning says:

Great work; love your humour. Also, i just about lost it when you whacked your hand in the outro. 😀

David Lowe says:

Great video as always. Just want to raise the point that your rolled up sleeve comes very close to the blade when you lean forward to recover the cut off. If i was you i would totally remove the shirt.

djAnakin says:

Another aawesome set of jigs. Thank you!

7over21 says:

Love the jigs, Drew. I normally don't Safety Sally™, but you really made my tailpipe pucker a bit a couple of times, e.g. at 11:02, the second time you reach across the blade, it looks like you were about to kerf-up your rolled-up sleeve. Be careful out there!

Laurie Heisler says:

I want your workshop…You are very skilled

Rob H says:

Love that box joint jig. Can’t wait for part 3.

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