The Most Lovely Factor I’ve Ever Made

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I sit up for this journey greater than some other journey I’ve ever been on.
My spouse Kelley and I are so over the moon to announce…
Our daughter, Layla Grace Katz-Moses, shall be born in Might 2019.
I made this particular woodworking present for her to have and use as she grows up. I even hid a secret be aware she’ll discover in the future.

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Kewl Beans says:

i thought i stopped watching cooking shows…who's cutting onions up in here? :')

Bill Diehl says:

Without a doubt, the most beautiful, touching video I have ever seen. Congratulations. Your lives will never be the same – only better.

Third Coast Craftsman says:

Damn dude, man a guy tear up first thing in the morning! Beautiful video, project, and baby girl! Congrats buddy!

David Collier says:

Well done brother and side note very well done on the stunning wife 👨‍👩‍👧👍🏻

떠호맘 says:

와 감동이다 태어날 아기를 위해 작품을 만들었네요

TeeKay Pew says:

Look at all the people you made cry. You’re a monster Jonathan. Congrats dude.

Caleb Reasons says:

Amazing news, amazing craftsmanship! Congratulations!

wilcoxtube says:

Very very well done! 🙂

Jeff Dutton says:

Congratulations to the two of you.

Marc Stevens says:

I've heard your name and this is the first I've watched of your videos. Congrats to you and your wife and even your furry four legged family member. May you have many joys ahead (even when you're not getting any sleep).

Ben Wallace says:

Congrats on the baby girl to you and your wife. Awesome video.

JB Marker says:

Very very cool video!

Landon Beck says:

Dude!!! That was so beautiful I almost cried man. My wife and I just had a little girl 2 weeks ago

Frank van Es says:

Congrats man! My eldest is 9YO now and I still feel the sentiment you just portrayed in this video. Daughters are awesome… especially for dads. 🙂

Bill Edis says:


Emily Lindstrom says:

Yay! New shop assistant incoming! Gratz!

Gerald Sullivan says:

Stunning. Congratulations. May she live a long and happy life.

Michael C Lusk says:

I have a daughter 11 and a son 14. Many years ago, they got saved. Allow me to say this. There is no better feeling in the world, to know that you know you will see them again for eternity, nothing compares to that! Great video Katz.

Nooijs Audio says:

What? Did a woodworking video just bring tears to my eyes??
Congratulations!! Making something beautiful with that reason, makes it only more beautiful! I have 2 daughters myself, and seeing them smile gives me the best the best feeling there could possibly be. 😊

The Splintered Finger says:

Great job, it’s beautiful! Congratulations to you and your wife on the coming of your new daughter!

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