Up to date tour of my wooden and steel working store..

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Slowly including some metalworking gear to my woodworking store. Took benefit of store cleansing day to shoot a little bit vid.


C.T Designs -Charlie Thompson says:

Really nice shop.

Cortland Hunt says:

Nice shop! Good job👍🇺🇸

Sarcastic Guitar says:

The work bench looks good enough to use as a kitchen island

Greg Homestead says:

Just found and subbed your channel
Looking forward to seeing your other videos.
Have a Jesus filled day
Greg in Michigan

Winky's Workshop says:

Clean! Very nice

rjd 1253 says:

Great Great Job Terry, well done!

dennis medeiros says:

nice shop.. I own a lot of grizzly tools. they never let me down

med1pilot1956 says:

Love the setup. What are the dimensions of your shop? Our new.pole building is going up the end of the month, and I'm just starting to figure how I want to lay out all my wood working tools, since I've never had this much room before.

Mike Fuller says:

Very interesting tour! You have all da tools! More importantly, you obviously have the skills to use them. Love the cleanliness and order of your shop.

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