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Useful tricks to get your life organized.



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Bo McGillacutty says:

We ALL have shop organization issues!! Great strategies.

Brian Phillips says:

@ 3:25 – EXACTLY!!! Totally agree. You gotta be there for a little while to get a feel for the flow.

marty van ord says:

Cody thank for your thoughts on organization. The way that I see it one can never be done organizing. I certainly need help as we i am sure all do. For me like you say making a full self contained stand alone kits has been a big help. Also bunching tools into function in the central storage like screw driver/pry bars-clamps/ locking pliers- pliers -cutting tools/chisles-utility knives wire cutters–sockets–drill related. By watching i just found one thing—-that is making a dedicated ratchet tie down container insteasd of a multi layered super market bag. It is sure a good thing that one can not actually drown from disorganization LOL. You are always a source of inspiration.

Explore Outdoors says:

Aquire 2 atv your walking time will be cut in half also you can use to haul small trailers/ and bring equipment to work areas

Tj Assurant says:

Love everything about you. Why are you always so sweaty? Add kicker…. Just an observation. 🙂

Andrew West says:

I have two 1.5 gallon gas cans that I wrapped duck tape around, through the handle and around, these cans are dedicated to gas/oil mix.  Always put the oil in the can before filling.  This is what works for me.  Thanks again for all the great videos.

Ken Soo says:

im in the boat and as your life changes so does your needs. i have tools i havent used in years .not to mention dads and grampas tools

j j 2021 says:

I use a leaf blower to blow out my garage and a shop also to clean equipment before it gets put away

Jim Cole says:

All of my tables, shelving units, etc are on casters. I move all of these things around the project then move them out of the way when not in use. Opens up floor area for the next project. Makes life easier.

Kenzo Gaming 665 says:

40 by 50 I have a 8 bye 6 but I’m 11 so I’m small

lucyferina says:

To each his own but I found that you can organize your tools by sizes and types in about an hour if you put them in a pegboard, then shelves for the bigger tools and maybe a toolbox (with wheels) for stuff you need to move around and use on a regular basis, a small portable toolbox with basic tools for quick jobs and it really doesn't have to be overly complicated. I just moved to a new property and have to unpack all my tools (9 big containers for the small tools, 6 to 8 big tools, and multiple clamps and assorted big things. I approach it this way: tools that a mechanic would use go in one side of the shop, the other tools used for woodworking are on the opposite side and I leave room for other tools and new tools as I acquire them. I find that if you overthink it it will be more difficult to find what you need, plus pegboards can always be changed to fit your needs.

Jim Harvey says:

Thank you so much for acknowledging that we have different needs in our shops than YOU do! For example, I live in Florida, diagonally across the continental United States from you! THAT, plus the difference in our ages, our interests, and (probably, many other factors) hold my attention when perhaps others have “moved on”!

Jim Harvey says:

Being retired for several years, I fight a constant battle with organization of my (now) limited shop space! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Anonymous98 says:

The real problem here – You rely on your memory instead of using a system of organization that would help you find things quickly, and which would let your family and friends find what they needed without bothering you for detailed location instructions. Nothing in the main shop is labeled, not the shelves for commonly used tools, not the containers with the gear and rigging, etc., not the hangers for turnout and wearable gear, not even the myriad drawers in the yellow Snap-On tool cabinet, etc. The logging chains by the door are not even labeled as to length or capacity over the hangers or on the chains themselves, nor are they color coded (with paint on the hooks). How could you easily tell someone with any accuracy where to look for and quickly find a particular tool. As to maintaining two separate shops, buy duplicates of the most commonly used tools in each shop and paint a distinctive ring around the handles or bits or sockets, a ring that designates by highly visible color which shop a particular tool belongs in (and that the tool is yours, in case there is a raid on your shop). As to making labels, if magic marker on freezer tape or green painters tape is not permanent enough, or if your writing is not clear enough, just get a quality label maker which uses self-adhesive tape (including tape specifically for outdoor use) such as one made by Brother and available from Amazon. The labels can be large or small, as needed, and are easy to spot and very easy to read. The value of just the time you wasted today looking for tools would pay for such a label maker, and if put to proper use, a label maker would really help you know where your tools are kept, or should be kept. Keep any owners manuals for the various tools, particularly power tools and motorized equipment with parts lists and diagrams, in large sealed zip-lock bags in a central location in your shop, even if that location is a bankers box or two on a designated shelf. Thanks for the thought-provoking video, and I hope you have great success in getting your stuff organized and put in the proper, labeled places.

pinkeye00 says:

I don't see a draw full of condoms. You haven't arrived, until you have a draw of condoms

pinkeye00 says:

BTW, take a note from Adam Savage. He's the ULTIMATE in organization.

pinkeye00 says:

So how do you make money …

supercure1 says:

get a golf cart

specialforcesnavy says:

I feel like this was not so much a "How To" video but more of a "Look at how much stuff I have" video.

Justin Dodge says:

Lol I love it cody. "This main shelf is just for the stuff I use all the time, nothing is just stored here" 10 minutes later "I leave the drip torch here cause It looks cool" XD gotta love the little things

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