Wayne Brown’s Store Tour

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Article for this video: http://jayscustomcreations.com/2016/06/wayne-browns-shop-tour/

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Steven Tottenhoff says:

Very nice shop. What are your thoughts about putting the router table on the left side of the table saw ?

LittleChuck N says:

How some of you guys get away with not having to store household items in your garage must be nice. Very nice and neat shop.

Rogé Selig says:

Fancy pants… fancy pants… fancy pants…

Raul Perez says:

Ok….now I know I'm a novice. So jealous. Great video

Antonio M. Ferreira says:

Great workspace!!!
Clean and look very functional

Riley Clifton says:

Very nice setup! I was thinking about settling my shop up similarly but I was wondering about the router setup and how you use it? Do you have to move the bandsaw?

Ben Jenkins says:

What are the side boards made out of on the Rigid table saw? Any install tips for those? How was the router top made? Thanks in advance.

Fearsome Warrior says:

Really curious about a few things.

Tool roll on bottom right of toolwall.
Tray hanging under laptop shelf.
Random wood panel under table saw with a big letter G on it.

constantin stefan says:

The shop is immaculate. It looks like is used to make videos only! Where do you do the work Mr. Wayne?

M. Dodd says:

Is it time for a update to this shop tour yet?

M. Dodd says:

I keep coming back to this shop, looks so good!

St Albans Tech says:

Just watched some Norm Abraham New Yankee Work Shop videos, isn't he the greatest?

John Ward says:

Very helpful and creative ideas, thanks to both of you. I'm curious however, why you (Jay) believe you should have put your miter station on the left side of the garage, like Wayne did.

NorthwoodsHermit says:

Hey Wayne … awesome video. Suggestions about your new table … consider the Festool MFT/3 (re: https://youtu.be/BZPy8gztEaM) or a fantastic full-size assembly table (re: https://youtu.be/cEIC6OgqoW4) or even Dave Stanton's design of his own MFT/3–a portable unit (https://www.etsy.com/listing/558160019/plans-for-the-stanton-bench-metric?ref=shop_home_active_1). Good hunting!

Mikkel Bom Simonsen says:

Nice to see Narex tools there. Didn't know they were a known in the US 🙂

Blue Jay Farm says:

i wasn't 10 seconds in and liked Wayne already! Nice shop Wayne!

PO W says:

Very very nice shop!!

Dustin Gomez says:

The outfeed table doesn’t look like its flush to the table saw, is that because the incra rails are in the way?

reservemaster says:

Man, I thought I am pretty handy, but compared to this, I am just like a little kid.

2010stoof says:

Wayne I'm curious how you extended the table on that tablesaw. I'm looking at getting that saw and I really like how you did that and the router station on the right that's awesome!!!

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