Wooden & Store Conventional Woodworking College (Prolonged Model)

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1-6 Day Woodworking Courses on the “Wooden and Store” Conventional Woodworking College close to historic Charlottesville, Virginia: https://woodandshop.com/faculty


Mark Blacketer says:

Both videos are nice and entertaining however the shorter one shows all that's needed to "whet the imagination." When time is money, like it seems to be more often than not, I feel you would get more bang for your buck with the shorter one.

William Brown says:

Like the longer one better. Would not be unreasonable to have you say a little as well over the music.

Richard Craig Madsen says:

The short video has some appeal, but I like the longer version due to the feel you get for your classes.

stephen atkins says:

I preferred the longer version because it seemed less rushed. Each scene was slightly longer than on the short version and allowed the eye to take more in. Hand tooling is not a fast paced endeavor. The longer ad seemed to portray that better. It had more of a apprenticeship/craftsman feel to it.

André Minotti says:

Both are very nice but I think that the longer version is better to promote the school. It shows a good overview of the variety of projects available for the students.

Michael Bermingham says:

I like both and prefer the 2nd video but it does depend on who you're targetting and whether they wait the extra 60 secs. On the whole, I'd go with the 2nd and wish I could be there and be as good as those demonstrating their skills

George Knotek says:

Watched both. It appears your wife is the smoothing plane in the family, while you are the jointer. Both have a place. People who are sold on the idea of taking a class, but not necessarily with you, may be happy to sit through the longer version where they will also be exposed to a wider range of potential course offerings, while the shorter version will get your message across more efficiently to those who may have yet to consider such a prospect and need to be drawn it. Either way, my tea is gone and I need to get back to flattening this tabletop. Good luck.

Jeff Mazur says:

I prefer this one but only marginally. Both are packed with too-short scenes that make them feel "jumpy". What I like better about this one is the somewhat longer and IMO more graceful intro scene. I think it would be ideal if you could begin with this longer intro and then utilize 7 of the best 8-second scenes you can come up with, totaling about 1:15. Also, in both, that pan of the shop is dizzying – slow it down if you want to retain it. Hope this helps!

Frank Sogandares says:

I like both, but I think the subtle mystery in the shorter one is more compelling…. it makes me want to know more…. but that may just be me.

Excellent class selection this year. Looking forward to making it out there again soon!

William Laymon says:

Both get the job done, but I'm with your wife on this one, Shorter is better.

Don Garrard says:

I like the added detail of the second video. I saw two new techniques and a dado plan I've never seen before. More interesting to me.

Bob M. says:

Both are interesting videos but when comparing both I prefer the long version.

Brendan Kinane says:

2nd video imparts more information; it demonstrates more skills but is possibly just a little too long. Perhaps a video of mid-length between the two would work. Wished I lived in Charlottesville and took take a course…

Bo Thibblin says:

Hi Joshua,
I have watched the two videos and I like the extended version better. There is a kind of meditative flow in both of them, but in the short version that flow is abrupted, while in the extended version there is a consistent rhythm that comes to a natural end. This rhythm does also make me, anyway, more interested in the school and in the content of the classes.

Michael Power says:

I like the longer version best, but think that the shorter version might be more likely to catch the attention of potentially new subscribers.

wyzarddoc says:

Sorry but Both miss the point. After many years of marketing a small business I would suggest you start over with a better idea of what you want the audience to understand and be motivated to do. Showing a bunch of people using hand tools is boring, But showing people using a hand tool to fit a final piece on a project is much more interesting and exciting. After 3 — use hand tool — check fit using different people with different projects end with a "call to action" — Space is limited so register now so you won't be left out–

wfariss says:

This one is better.

GregBbl Ggl says:

Certainly prefer the longer version. But I am addicted to wood working videos, so I am biased. Good luck!

John Niece says:

I like both of the videos – I think the second one is a little long. But it depends on your audience and what you are trying to convey. There is one spot in the short video that 2 men are standing watching somebody do some work – I would cut that one out. It seems out of place – every other spot has some kind of action, nice beautiful curls from planes, etc. In the long one you have the same spot and a little later another sot with people standing around. I would drop them – no action to me just shows amateur video work. The one on one pieces where an instructor is showing a student something (like the one with the man with the plane and the small hammer) are excellent. Anyway – thanks for asking for input – it is a nice gesture.

ronald chong says:

long vs short version…watched em both…will only comment here. hmm, they each have their place (or their "use case" as we say at work). if you're at a woodworking show or something, the longer version is probably good on a loop. for other uses (e.g. a youtube ad), the shorter may be better. just depends on what you want to achieve. that said, i personally think this longer version provides an opportunity to give addt'l information about the school instead of just twice as many clips of people in class. for example, include info on the range of classes you have/are/will offer, the instructors you bring in, centrally located to everywhere in VA, only hand tool school east of the mississippi (okay maybe not.). basically a video brochure. then again, that probably wasn't what you were after. haha, oh well. see ya in march.

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