Wooden & Store Conventional Woodworking Faculty

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1-6 Day Woodworking Courses on the “Wooden and Store” Conventional Woodworking Faculty close to historic Charlottesville, Virginia: https://woodandshop.com/faculty


Joe Kaiser says:

This one is better

Andy Baciocco says:

Watched both versions and this is my favorite! I think the other on is just too long.

Eric Mehlbaum says:

Both videos looked at. The short version is great for an introduction to the classes, while the longer one gives more info into the deep. Preferable the short version people will look all without skipping halfway

wfariss says:

I agree with the majority of the repsondants. Your individual senes are to short to to focus on.

Scott Beckstrom says:

Like this one better than the longer version as the longer version doesn't really add anything over the shorter version.

Bob Vogel says:

Well, I liked the longer one… just because I got to see more woodworking. So I think your intended audience, people wanting to do hand woodworking, would want to see the longer one.

Sam Blanchard says:

This one. Just my $.02 worth, but I find the hillbilly wanderings on the guitar to be quite like fingernails on a chalkboard; so less is better. I love your videos, but always mute the sound on the intro for that reason.

Ronaldo Sheldon says:

Comparing the videos a like both of them, but I prefer the longer one, which is more complete. I think you could use both of them, the small one in the more expensive midias and the extensive one to the others.

Mark Sager says:

Short version, definitely. To the point. Says everything you need to ssy and wastes no one's time.

Dwight Hitchens says:

This video only shows older guys as attending your school. Please see my comment in the longer video.

Patrick Dukeshire says:

I watched both and i like the longer version. but you could have the short one as a intro and when somebody dives into it and wants more info, then show the longer version. I do like both and i think both can be used.

Ronald Heberle says:

I believe the shorter version does the job and is better overall than the extended.

Marc-Andre Fortier says:

the first one, concise and evocative.

Corey Jennings says:

I watched both versions and shorter video is probably better for your intended purpose of marketing your classes

Steve Ferris says:

The long version is far too long. The short version too short and choppy. A 60 second length would be ideal. No finished products were displayed.

Ron Mack says:

Sorry Joshua, I like the shorter version. I believe it will capture the attention better than the long version. Thanks for asking. Y'all take care and God bless.

Nathan Barker says:

This one. Call to action comes sooner, which is good.

J.R. Nelson says:

Watched both videos. I like both but the longer version just contains too many cut scenes for me. It seems to jump all over in a random order. There just isn't any logical sequence that I could discern. Just started with your emails and I'm getting a lot.

Bob Hoyle says:

The extended version was just too long.

The abbreviated version was able to convey the same information without boring the viewer.

wanderlustjake says:

I watched and liked both versions but lean toward the shorter one. As others have commented, a little more would be good to show what all you will teach, but I found the long one to have too much content. Shave a few more scenes out of that one and I'd prefer it. I always enjoy the videos you post, keep up the great work, looking forward to many more.

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