Woodworking: Making the Roll-High Bandsaw Field

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On this video I attempt my hand at making a bandsaw field. However in typical Fisher’s Store style, I dream up a quite advanced one! This design boasts a singular roll-top lid for the highest compartment together with slightly drawer under. I batch out three of them within the video and also you get to see some stunning variations between them… together with my typical goofiness. If you would like to construct it for your self, plans can be found on my web site! As at all times, thanks a lot for watching!

Particular Due to Doug Neiner from “DN Handcrafted” for defeating that killer kangaroo… oh and for designing the title sequence too. Go take a look at his superior channel @ https://www.youtube.com/dnhandcrafted


Carlos Zarate says:

I’ve been waiting for this video to come. Followed along on IG. Downright the best bandsaw boxes I’ve ever seen.

Paul says:

I like them all but especially the Jarrah from the front but the cherry body looks amazing. Great comedy, and at least your neighbor can now recover his pool table in a decent colour cloth.

Byrdog says:

Great video and build Fish… loved it. Ahh, the 'ole tape measure slap. 🙂

stephen dickinson says:

Cherry. Thanks. Great video.

adrian barber says:

Nice bandsaw box where did you get the Templates from

Gary Harders says:

I love your videos. You make it fun, and your sense of humor is great. I could see us being friends.

Quacker Jack says:

The Jara box is so pretty….✨✨

fapping2quelaag says:

Those are purty. Nice job.

terry craig says:

Jarrah is a West Australian timber. It's colour ranges from pink (sapwood) to dark brown. It makes beautiful furniture and looks wonderful in boxes. By the way it is pronounced as Jarra as in arra. Hard accent on the R. Loved your bandsaw boxes.

Walter Rider says:

thank you .

USAMark70 says:

Great work! Funny, educational and overall very entertaining! Keep up the great work! The ending was the best. And anyone who has ever sanded anything can relate to that!

Kyle Kluemke says:

Oh the sarcasam…

Mike Villafuerte says:

Thank you Fisher! Great project. Your perfectly timed quips throughout the video and bloopers at the end really made my day! BTW, yes I did subscribe and I'm looking forward to your next vid….

Craig Monteforte says:

I will admit the video. Kind of got a little confusing at times but the end result was really cool and it made a lot of sense of the entire video on all the steps and details i personally dont actually have a favorite out of th group. As i think all of the species look great together and finished the way you did them

Andrew Stewart says:

very nice, Id love to build one but my wonderful 2.4 amp bandsaw kinda cuts up to 3/8 inch pine if im gentle

David Daniels says:

Best bandsaw boxes I've ever seen! Love the Cherry

Phillip White says:

Iliked the cherry one
Phillip white

Yusuf Masron says:

Hey i must say yr bandsaw skill of following the lines are pretty good.

Craig Pereira says:

Very Nice. Great Job

Spencer Bass says:

Cherry. They all look good though.

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