Woodworking Tip: Utilizing a Card Scraper

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Sharpening a card scraper is a well-liked subject amongst woodworkers. However when you get a card scraper sharp, how do you utilize it? Phil demonstrates how he makes use of a card scraper, and how one can in your store as effectively.

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Walter Turchyn says:

This was definitely one of the best Woodsmith videos you have produced. Great detail and explanation on how and why to use the scraper, and dealing with some common finishing situations. I don't have a card scraper, but it's now on my wish list. Thanks again!

Ryan M says:

Great video, thanks.

Mark Bullock says:

Guys, this is one of the most useful (to me) videos I've seen from you. Really great ideas, and it's inspired me to dust off my never used card scraper, get it sharp and put this info to immediate use on my current project (aquarium stand)! Awesome – thank you!

Kenneth Buchmann says:

Have you used double glass cut with a slight arc to do the same purpose as the Card Scraper? Try a comparison!!

R. Chip Denief says:

Great end grain tip at 8:15… thanks for sharing!

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