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Educational!!! For Beginners!…Scroll Saw Woodworking Project
One of the useful features of the G4 is the potential to “top feed. very well Older Hawk models require you to loosen the blade from the top holder, tilt the wooden up, and feed it through the blade-entry slots from the bottom.
Lower part feeding the blade is an exercise in endurance, in particular when using fine cutting blades and small blade-entry slots. The improved design of the G4 allows you to release the cutter from the bottom knife holder, lift the top arm, position the workpiece so the next blade-entry hole is under the blade, and feed the blade back down through the opening from the top. When top-feeding, you may easily line up the blade and hole. There isn’t a tilting or fumbling around for the hole. A lot of other designs of saws have always offered the alternative to top feed, however the G4 is the first Hawk scroll saw to own option.

Top feeding does indeed require you to feel around to put the blade in the underside holder. It takes somewhat of practice to get the blade lined up in the holder properly. Hawk has tried a quantity of different designs for the base holder. On the G4, the underside of the blade fits down into a hole and it is clamped in place with a set screw. It can be hard to fit the blade in to the hole; it tends to get found out on the threads of the screw. But once you get a feel for aligning the cutting tool, it becomes easier, and the screw holds the blade tightly.


Jason Madsen says:

No safety goggles…

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Very nice it makes my {Porter Cable) look sick wish I could afford one.

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Hello, please show your workshop less interesting

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Very nice video!! I wish I had a shop like that 🙂

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