Wonderful Carpenters Strategies Woodworking Artistic Model. Picket Lathe Full

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Wonderful Carpenters Strategies Woodworking Artistic Model. Picket Lathe Full


Karolis Vanagas says:

did'nt even sand it .. not very nice…

Thomas Van Nuland says:

He’s making a toothpick out of a redwood tree

Stephen Leader says:

I thought an urn would have been better.

HarryKari Touche says:

The final central ashtray has a notch to prevent water build up. How ingenious.

HarryKari Touche says:

I think that he is making wood chip stuffing for his Terry cloth bedroom slippers.When stuffed tightly, it prevents slipping around inside of the slippers. If the sawdust is packed tightly enough, it can prevent the loss of toes from an errant chainsaw blade. I did that once, used my thumb to stop the chain. I now find it hard to hitchhike. Oh well, I don't have to worry about my thumb getting hooked on anything. Hahaha.

Bryan Wee says:

What a waste! Asshole creative

multilarm1 says:

I thought he would end up with a toothpick.

Matir Manush says:

You wasted too much wood to make this small pillar. Why didn't you start with half of the log ? We believe you could make this pillar with half of the log.

Keith C. says:


Ray says:

Using an electric chain saw wearing what appears to be terry cloth slippers, now that's a safety statement!

David Homer says:

At first I thought they were making something out of the wood and then I realized they just want the shavings. They probably have a pet guinea pig.

mymuggler says:

Could find better use of this kind of wood

Bálint Tuza Ritter says:

90% waste :-/ I don't really like this kind of lathe works.

Jeff Mitchell says:

could have made 4 legs with that one piece of wood lol

Bo sal says:

Very Good Very Nice 👍 your Working and your Video Beautiful thanks so much Goodbye 🌹❤️

Jay Moon says:

very nice .

Дмитрий Донбас says:

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