#Wonderful Design Japanese Carpenters Woodworking Abilities – Constructing A Conventional Wooden Home In Japan

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#Wonderful Design Japanese Carpenters Woodworking Abilities – Constructing A Conventional Wooden Home In Japan


Reynol Flores says:

Gracias amigo por kompartir pero no c ve las herramientas y la técnica es importantes enfocar lo más cerca es un comentario sano d amigos p aprender nuevas técnicas de construcción con maderas un saludos desde México

john g says:

Most interesting thing was the Isuzu crane,never seen one before,looks good. I dont like the corner columns sitting on the foundation instead of on the footer,maybe its not as wet there as in the UK.And does anyone know why the sarking on the ladder overhangs was laid separate instead of with the roof sarking which would be stronger?

Komalan Vellasamy says:

Americans Indians n Japanese are technical kings👏👏👏

Son Le says:

Japanese build the best house

Zo V says:

Don’t it just love it when people don’t put sources in the description to give credit to the people who actual filmed and work on it 🙄

Grant A says:

The attaching wood to the concrete must be pressure treated otherwise will be rotten in max 3 year inspectors won’t pass this construction in us

MsGerasimm says:

Начало было хорошим, но я уверен, что и дальше они не забивали шурупы молотками.

ron aberjel says:

woodworker starts / pro? do not worry!

Get a suite of woodworking projects

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Juve Loayza says:

That was a dog house to small and not pressure treated wood

Clélia Nunes Rodrigues says:

Filme demorado

ronisworld2 says:

WTF!? So wheres the finished House!!???

Gary A. Krause says:

Appeared to be very strong

kelvin Lim says:

For practical reasons, it has been quite some time people use prefabricated steel beams. They're faster, stronger but may not be cheaper.

37375 says:

I love the smell of Coffee and Fresh cut wood.

Muhammed Rashid says:

I don't know how fast getting fire ( helpfully never happened)

aliansi kankava says:

1:24 bless you man

My Playstore says:

In India, termite eat that whole house in a month 😂

chris quirke says:

Round peg goes in round hole ,carpentry !! Where

Liam Wodzynski says:

That's a Scandinavian design,


Caesar was here!!!bitches

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