#Amazing Techniques Woodworking Carpenters Craftsman – Building Architectural A Curved Wood Complete

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#Amazing Techniques Woodworking Carpenters Craftsman – Building Architectural A Curved Wood Complete


musamor75 says:

Amazing woodworking? Who are you taking for a fool. This is pure crap. I don’t usually use this kind of language. Utterly disgusting. I don’t know who you are, but this is a joke, and a bad one at that. I’ll never watch any of your videos ever again. Foul.

Jim Stelfox says:

What is amazing is how they work in those condition to make such pieces, one slip and their livelihood is gone and its back on the streets with a tin

Luke Warmwater says:

this is how NOT to use a chainsaw…..

Abimael Mello says:

such a waste of wood. Nature took hundreds and hundreds of years, slowly as time to get that tree strong, wide and ruler of its space. To be destroyed and wasted like this. And completely safeless

Canaja De Canajbus says:

Che spreco immondo di legno!

TookMeEonsToMakeThis Ferdinand says:

What is the name of the intro song?

Russell Anderson says:

Great job and excellence work as well It looks great
Enjoyed your video and thumbs up

JungoJerry says:

Awesome safety shoes.

Tractor Wrangler says:

Couldn't help myself had to turn it off. A chainsaw and sandals..Just couldn't watch….OMG…

Cris LeRose says:

Safety sandals and camouflage….standard issue for dangerous work?

Trent Wright says:

we call him "ol 9 toes"

bill martin says:

gotta love the work boots.

Barry Felice says:

wow..totally unsafe. Give those flip flops back to your wife. Proper foot wear would be good idea. Sharp chain saw blade also good idea.

Bike Dude says:

Waste of a big block of wood. Finding trees like that are getting harder. He could have easily (with some actual skill) heated/steamed thinner boards and actually bend them. Doing it this ways is much weaker as the wood can crack along open grain/ A steamed bent piece would have looked much nicer and been much stronger.

Thomas Murphy says:

Safety comes first, not good for people to watch. Sorry like the job, just SAFETY

Nick Slayer says:

Amazing that guy still has his fingers and toes….

Дмитрий Базык says:

Браво мастеру !!!

robert hughes says:

I see nothing AMAZING here, dangerous working practices, ill maintained machines, sloppy fitting joints, he's only made it fit together because he's spent a huge amount of time off camera with a sanding pad on a grinder, there's no skill here just time to waste.

Adroc aFella says:

Haha wood work in the vlecki

BornToRunBarefoot says:

Disappointed. I was hoping to see a way to bend wood.

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