50 WoodWorking Suggestions and Methods for Newbies. PERFECT Initiatives Clarify How To Do It | FW Channel

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In video WoodWorking Expertise Instruments Concepts and Methods to All, particularly:
– superb woodworking suggestions and methods
– finest woodworking concepts and instruments
– woodworking instruments home made and for for freshmen
– woodworking instruments opinions on the market
– woodworking hand instruments diy / to make
– woodworking energy and primary instruments
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jaquu says:

"for beginners'" pfffft

Gino Asci says:

Good video but i have to say that the work has to always be held down on the jointer unless it is a largdd piece and has good weight, or it's just going to vibrated and bounce around. So if you don't have control of the workpiece the blade is going to grab it and shoot it. Same with a table saw or a shaper.
Just lightly pushing it forward, and lightly assisting it against the fence is dangerous.

FOMI1970 says:

It seems like you have a lot to offer yet … I watched most of your previous videos and I wondered , where have you been ??? You got yourself a subscriber … can't wait for your another video … great tips .

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